Atheists if your atheist friend was dying of cancer what would you say?

As an atheist what words of comfort would you say to your friend who just found out he is dying of cancer? As atheists what can we say that would comfort someone who is an atheist besides “Dude, you are gonna die!!” What would you say to your friend as an atheist that would give them hope and make them…

Get out of this medical facility if you want to live! All they do here is push side effect filled do nothing man made drugs that only get the manufacturer and government employees rich! They will take everything here, your freedom, your money, your dignity then when they are sure they’ve got all that then your life! The only people who get out alive are the misdiagnosed that found out early enough! Super doses of Vitamin C given intravenously kill cancer better than the poison they use without any of the built in side effects!

My son has a teacher who just found out he has cancer. I don’t know how bad it is, but I do know that he is an Atheist. My son is a Christian. This teacher has never been a nice person. Always egotistical, arrogant and I hate to say sometimes mean, but I feel bad for him regardless of it all. I don’t wish cancer on my worst enemy. I suggested to my son that we create a big Get Well Card so all the kids in his class can sign and give to him. Even though he is a non believer my son and I will be praying for him to be cured. I know you will disagree with me, but I believe that if he would repent and believe that God exists he would be cured. With God all things are possible. But I know he won’t repent and I doubt he can be convinced that God does exist. It’s very sad.

To Janet B. – “if he would repent and believe that God exists he would be cured.” Seriously? According to this logic, either, A. only non-believers die of cancer and/or, B. Christians who die of cancer should be considered to have been lying about their faith the whole time. How disrespectful can you be to a dying person? No wonder more and more people are becoming atheists. Drivel like this is among the worst examples of how religion robs people of reason and dignity.

You obviously don’t know anyone with cancer. My Mom has Stage 4 Lung Cancer which has spread to her bones. I call her every day and just talk to her as I would talk to her if she didn’t have cancer. Almost every person with cancer is dying of it…the only difference is how long they can live with it. I talk to her about the future and her grandkids and how was the weather and not just about how she is dying.

And you know, you don’t talk to a cancer patient about how do they feel that they are going to die when you haven’t been asked.

I would bring a nice casserole and then sit down and talk about the good old days. Time is the most valuable thing you have to give to someone who’s dying.

I would ask them what I can do to help, or what they need, sugarpop, and tell them how much they mean to me.

Then I would spend as much time as possible with them, reminiscing, talking about things that interest them, helping them with anything they needed …because actions speak much louder than empty words based on guesses.

I would say that if they pretend that an imaginary fairy might help them in a couple of weeks, then they would have the same childish hope that religionids have. What could be better.

We’re not all cruel and heartless, and devoid of emotion. I’d try and comfort them, whether it just be a hug, or talking to them for how ever long they needed.

That’s all you think we’re capable of saying?

I’d encourage them to get the best medical treatment out there, and be there for them when they need help.

I would say to them “Hey, at least you’ve had a good life. Christians don’t have good lives because they spend all their time worried about a fictional character called god. There’s only one life and Christians waste it”.

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