Ask or someone asks u?

Would u ask a guy out or wait for a guy to ask u

I would definitely wait for a guy to ask me.
I’m a shy person so if I asked a guy out, it wouldn’t be just an easy thing to do. If I was a loud, confident person then possibly.

It all depends on who the guy is. If i think i am more into him than he in me I would wait for him to ask me out, but if i know he shy and into me i would ask him out

Wait for him to ask me

I would probably wait for a guy to ask me out. Just because i think i would feel insecure – like why hasn’t he asked me.. he probably doesn’t like me?! .. or i would fear rejection. Quite pathetic 🙂 .. yes i know. ha

These days it can go either way, personally I would feel way more flattered if she was confident enough to approach me and just directly ask. There are so many girls these days who jerk guys around and play games that it often discourages us so be direct.

I’m a shy guy, so I loved it when girls asked me out.

wait 4a guy to ask u out.

i wouldn’t sit around and wait. who knows how long you could be waiting for. and no guy is worth waiting around for.

I’d wait for the guy to ask me.
But, I’m not gay, so I couldn’t tell you for sure. D:

hey i love a girl who is confident enough to come over and talk to me or ask me out. I MEAN LOVE IT!!! HUGE TURN ON

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