Are mexican ppl related to Native americans?

Or the indians from the pilgrim days?

With the efforts of thinkers like Octavio Paz and José Vasconcelos, racial identity has been put aside for La Raza, “The Cosmic Race”. It is a utopian ideal where all races are mingled into one, the ultimate globalized culture, and the idea that Mexico is closest to this goal.

Their dark pallor is from native Americans, and despite the government’s efforts to endorse La Raza, racial distinctions do continue to exist between “Indians” and the population at large, as in the Zapatista conflict.

The problem with your question is it is as accurate to group all native Americans (Mayan, Aztec, Cherokee), as it is to group all Asians.

Like the english are related to the Uihgar. maybe closer.

Native Americans only include amerindians and Inuit who’s native territory is the United states It’s a legal term US corrected analogous to African American. Anyone who use the Amerindians in Mexico is wrong. There are some Mexicans that do have some Native American Heritage. I no one who is part Apache, and since there are some tribes who travel both sides of the border, there will be some who deserve that respect, but Native Americans is a broad description , like saying europeans. Few people consider themselves as Native Americans and describe themselves as Lakota Sioux or other Native nations.

In general Mexicans are Mezzo Indians who’s ancestors came up from African decedents.American Indian ancestors came over the Bering straits from Mongolia and Asia.There are a few instances of Amerind and Mexican mixes while Inuits are more “pure” bred from original stock.Mexicans on the other hand are mixed with European stock,mostly Spanish.

Many Mexicans have a mix of either European and Native American or sometimes African and Native American ancestry. You can’t say that about all of them though.

It’s because of this many Hispanics don’t view race the same way Americans do. But they still do have racial differences which pop up from time to time.

yes of course, all indians were native to the Americas, just lived in different parts of it, if you went back enough you would know the time they were together and gradually separated.

Btw, Mix a white person from germany or england with a native american, and you get a mix
mix a spaniard with an indian from mexico and you get a mix

both mixes look identical

they are descended from a mixture of Mayan and Inca indians and Spanish aryans. The native AMericans in north America have many different lineages; some feel the cherokees descended from Persians for example. In short, the answer is no.

Most Mexicans have a mix of Spanish (as in Spain) and Mexican indian.

it depends what your definition of native americans.
native americans can be american, mexican, peruvian so on..

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