Are creationists against evolution because they cannot comprehend it?

It really isn’t that hard if they would try a little more. Selection favors mutants that survive long enough to have more babies than the wild type. Thus, they become more common in the population. Eventually they become reproductively isolated. That’s speciation.

New information is added by introgression…


Christers “are really against anything that discredits their religion, and evolution does exactly that.
If evolution is true, then the story of Adam & Eve didn’t literally happen, and if Adam & Eve didn’t happen then Eve wasn’t around to commit the “original sin” which means…

Jesus didn’t need to die on the cross, and at that point their entire religion basically falls apart.”

There is no way known an educated person can come across creationism and think…
Yeah, that makes sense…

I am not against evolution. For all I know, God guided it and used it to create the species. What I’m against is the fanatical way atheistic evolution is taught and believed.

You’re conveniently ignoring the fact that only one mutation in 100 is even weakly beneficial.

You also haven’t given enough thought to speciation: When our chromosome count supposedly changed from 48 to 46, exactly how did RANDOM events change the germ cells in enough members of the same group at the same exact time to establish a breeding population of the new genus?

Nor have evolutionists adequately explained how life has survived for billions of years when every system degrades and fails with time, including life.

Yes. Christians are anti-intellectual. Christians can’t comprehend any science, especially biology.

All of the so called Christian scientists have unaccredited degrees from unaccredited schools and have never contributed anything useful to science.

And if so how would you know that of such a huge number of people !!!! ??? YOU MORON \

In U.S., 42% Believe Creationist View of Human Origins | Gallup

Are creationists against evolution because they cannot comprehend it?

– They don’t want to understand it.

It really isn’t that hard if they would try a little more.

– Believing is easier than thinking.


I don’t think that’s it, no. I think they feel it’s a test of their faith to believe things other people find absurd and that the difference between their beliefs and those of the majority marks them out as God’s people and the others as infidels.

It’s illogical, sorry.

Ate those who believe evolution against creation because they cannot comprehend it?

Amazing how an attempted insult can go both ways.

Creationists believe everything in the bible is 100% true.

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