Advice on puppy house training please.?

We got a shih-tzu girl a few days ago. She is 9wks old and very good, she mostly does her needs outside. On monday I am back at work during the day for 3wks and after that I go back to shifts so between myself and my boyfriend there will be someone here the whole time. We want to put a dog flap in for her but not…

Yes it will. You said that there will be someone there at all times so there should be no reason to stick to bringing her outside. I have 11 Shih Tzu’s and they are very smart. They are also not to small to be firm with.
I fell into being worried about hurting my first Shih Tzu’s feelings and scarring her too. It took a long time to train her. But once I was firm and used a firm no voice she got it.
Shih Tzu’s love to please you, they don’t ever want to upset you. Just be consistent. Everytime you see her do something or just start go over and pick her up saying Pee Pee Outside. She will get it. Don’t yell and scream , just be firm NO.

just put paper down in an area which is OK with you,pref-ably near a door,crates are cruel,they should only be used if the dog is keen when visitors come or a trip to the vet,it’s much more natural for dogs to be outside although that’s not always possible or a necessity,you will know your pup better than any one else,as you said she does it out side mostly then you have answered your question,because you won’t be there during the day she may have a few accidents,but that’s to be expected,and it wont stop her going outside because she already knows to do so,good luck and i hope you enjoy the love and affection your pup will bring!

I would suggest crate training. Paper training only teaches her it is okay to go in the house. Keep in mind that at 9 weeks, she is a little over 2 months. The rule of thumb is she can hold it for as many hours is she is old: 2 months equals 2 hours. Never leave your dog without a potty break longer than 6-8 hours, no matter what the age.

Here is crate training and house training advice, and this should help you a great deal:…

The only answer is crate training. As much as you might think that dogs dislike it, they don’t mind it. Dogs are den animals, and the crate serves as a den. If you are not actively watching the puppy, it needs to be in the kennel. Again, dogs are den animals and will not soil the place where they sleep. If you are there to watch, make sure you are paying close attention and catch your dog in the act of using the bathroom inside, and say “NO” in a stern voice (you don’t have to yell and cause a commotion), then take the dog to where he or she needs to go to the bathroom. Also you cannot sacrifice disciplining your dog because she is tiny and scared. Dogs need discipline, and it is unfair to the dog not to discipline them. Again discipline does not have to be yelling, or hitting, but they should receive a verbal correction when they have done something wrong.

Honestly, an untrained dog can be a real pain – a risk to himself, his owner and to other people and animals. Owning an undisciplined dog may result to:
– Destruction to your home
– Social isolation
– Accidents
– Injuries
– Legal claims against you
– Stress to all concerned
– The dog being unwanted

Canines that always get their own way will believe that life revolves around them and for that reason they must be important. Since dogs are looking for controlling different resources than humans, their bid for power usually goes undetected until it’s too late. Obedience and house training your dog and ensuring he’s not raised to a top position inside the home will keep your relationship with him well-balanced in your favor, as it must be for satisfaction all round.

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Little dogs have little bladders. Make sure you take her out about right after drinking and eating. Also make sure that you take her our prior to leaving or going to bed.

If you can, cage training is good. The more room to roam the more accidents. Most dogs will not go if confined to a small space. If leaving for work or going to bed, use the cage.

If you catch her in the act, tell her no in a stern voice and take her directly outside. Hope this helps.

You’re right not to repremand her for going in doors at the mo, she is too young to understand that it’s naughty, plus positive reinforcement is a much better training method.
I used puppy training pads with my dog, and it really helped, although we only put them down when we were going out. Put them right by the back door to begin with, then move them outside, and praise her for going in the right place.
Its worth investing in some cleaning fluid specificly designed for puppy accidents, as it really neutralises the smell and discourages them from going in the same place in the future.

Use the training pads and every few days move them closer to the door. If u see her using the pad give her lots of praise. You can also get a special spray for the pads which will encourage her to use them. Good luck !

Take her out alll the time. When she goes.. Reward her with treats or praise. Its going to take a long time so have patience. When your not home lock her up so she won’t go in the house. If she does go in the house take her outside immediately and scold her but don’t hit. Its going to take awhile but Good luck

get a crate.. and you can put the puppy pads in one corner of the crate… my dogs dont mind their crates at all… and your puppy is still a baby so she’ll feel safer in a crate ( a smaller house) .. congratulations.. I’m sure she’s adorable

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