100 Things to do this summer?

I need a few ideas on stuff to do this summer,because everything is kinda coming to an end for me. Im not asking for 100 things just some.

1. Play board games all day.
2. Go get a make over at the mall.
3. Throw a sleep over with three of your pals and play truth or dare, eat munchies, and watch flicks all nite. While staying up 24/7, makeovers, manicures, and pedicure are free.
4. Make an ultra breakfast for your friends or family.
5. Give yourself a free pass/coupon to eat whatever you want for one day.
6. Play charades with you friends.
7. Rent 5 scary movies and watch them with your friends within 2 days.
8. Go have a fun time at a playground.
9. Go out for pizza.
10. Read and write some poetry.
11. Go to a thrift store for some neat, vintage items.
12. Make a scrap book about a relationship you are in, family, friends, or things you did over the summer.
13. Pick some flowers from your garden and put them in your room.
14. Grab a Cosmopolitan magazine and take some quizzes out of it.
15. Go to a park with some McDonald’s and a friend… have a small picnic.
16. Look through old yearbooks.
17. Buy a book of Mad Libs to pass the time.
18. Discover a new talent.
19. Meditate for 30 minutes.
20. Throw a theme party and invite your closest friends.
21. Go bowling!
22. Write down 3 goals you want to accomplish for the school year to come.
23. Read a novel or different style of book that you usually don’t read.
24. Treat a friend to lunch.
25. Play truth or dare with your friends (for old times sake).
26. Make koolaide popcicles.
27. Have a reading done by a fortune teller.
28. Apply for a summer job.
29. Buy a dream book to discover what your dreams mean.
30. Go on a steady diet for one month.
31. Pitch a tent, invite some friends over, cook smores, and have a fun camping experience.
32. Blow bubbles.
33. Attend a book club at Barnes and Noble.
34. Go to an amusement park.
35. Make a collage.
36. GOLF!
37. Play BINGO.
38. Go to a flea market to find treasures.
39. Create a website.
40. Make a mixed cd (legally, lol).
41. Bake cupcakes and decorate them.\

some more!!!

Make a scrapbook of everything you do this summer
The Basics of Scrapbooking


Have a picnic
Planning a Picnic


Write a letter to your best friend
English Works! Writing Letters


Visit another country
Lonely Planet Destination Guides


Go to a ballgame
Major League Baseball Team Schedules


Get a job (parent permission)
Teens 4 Hire


Become a photographer
BetterPhoto for Kids and Teens


Make dinner for your family
Do-It-Yourself Dinner Party Project (PDF)


Compare a book to a movie
Compare and Contrast Essay (PDF) www.csudh.edu/CLASS/services/studyskills…


Write a poem
30 Days of Poetry


Learn about fireworks
How Stuff Works: Fireworks


Bake some cookies
Science of Cookies


Take a boat ride
Boat Safe Kids!


Sketch a picture of your house from the outside
Perspective Drawing


Go to camp
Virtual Summer Camp


Visit a farm
4-H Virtual Farms


Take a walk and record the sounds
Listening to Nature


Make your own soccer camp
Soccer Drills, Skills, Rules, and Tips


Keep a journal of what you do during the Summer
Summer Journal Writing Prompts


Cut up an old greeting card picture and make a puzzle
(parent help)
How to make your own jigsaw puzzle


Start a band
Make Music! Start a Band


Make a new kind of sandwich
Who Cooked That Up? – The Sandwich


Blow up balloons, put notes inside and hand them
out to friends
Message in a Balloon


Go backpacking
The Beginning Backpacker


Go outside and find 10 different kinds of flowers
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center


Create a web site
Lissa Explains HTML for Kids

1) Volleyball
2) Soccer
3) Baseball/Softball
4) Basketball
5) Sailing
6) Hiking
7) Camping
8) Traveling
9) Hanging out with friends
10) Swimming
11) Tie Dye
12) Summer Party
13) Go to the beach
14) read
15) Golf
16) badmitten
17) go to an amusement park or water park
18) learn something new
19) make up a new word or language to communicate with your friends
20) make a movie and put it on youtube
21) make new friends
22) get a tan
23) plant flowers and trees
24) make a scrapbook
25) help out your neighbors
26) apply for a summer job
27) bowling
28) archery
29) riflery
30) horseback riding
31) snorkeling and scuba diving
32) bake
33) blow bubbles
34) go to a flea market
35) play tetherball
36) write to friends and family that live somewhere else
37) mountain biking
38) create a website about summer
39) make a list of what you want to do over the summer
40) pull an all nighter with your friends and watch a really scary movie
41) go to the circus
42) learn to ride a unicycle
43) go to a concert
44) paint and draw
45) have a lemonade stand
46) make jewelry and sell it at a carnival or flea market
47) throw a surprise birthday party for your friend
48) windsurf
49) waterski
50) ride a boat/ go on a cruise
51) try a new pizza topping or icecream flavor
52) take lots of funny pictures
53) go fishing
54) dance/gymnastics
55) lacrosse
56) field hockey
57) martial arts
58) tennis
59) canoeing/kayaking
60) climb a tree
61) set off fireworks
62) go in a parade
63) make candles

Sorry i couldnt reach 100 because i need to go but i hope these help! 🙂

Go to the drive in! Summer is a fabulous time to go, especially if someone has a truck. You can all sit in the bed of the truck outdoors and watch the movie! Super fun and drives in are cheap. Also, if you have something like a lake or a river or something, that would be fun. There’s a river near where I live where people go tubing. Where do you live? There’s a lot of things you can or can’t do depending on the region.

i suggest the following:
go to a beach
have a water party
buy a super soaker and squrt someone
learn something new
go to six flags and have some fon (or go to a amusement park )
go camping
get a season pass for a water park
go some where new
meet a new person
try something new(like a rollercoaster,food,etc.)
listen to a new song
get a camcoreder and make a movie and put it on youtube
get a dog

well thats all GOOD LUCK!!

Visit museums, parks, beaches, catch up with your reading, check out street fairs (there is almost one every weekend in the summer)



Visit a state you’ve never been to.

Do one extremely creative thing.

Go to a zoo.

mountain bike, bungy jump….go Surfing

Hiking, enjoying the outdoors

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