What do you think of the Bu$h Administration’s efforts to re-define birth control pills and IUD’s as Ab0rtion?

From the Washington Street Journal

Set aside the fraught question of when human life begins. The new debate: When does pregnancy begin?

The Bush Administration has ignited a furor with a proposed definition of pregnancy that has the effect of classifying some of the most widely used methods of contraception…

Dubya is an idiot.

There isn’t a married man on this planet that will abstain if he is married. Men think sex is the most important part of a marriage.

You’re presenting as evidence a very cut down piece of a larger article that was out a few weeks ago. To begin with, this isn’t the Bush administration suggesting this change, but the Department of Health and Human Services. Now, yeah, this department operates under the Bush Administration, but there is absolutely no indication that Bush said, “Hey! Ya’ll oughta do this.” This is a draft regulation, circulated to those who would have a say in it for feedback and input. This is what you are supposed to do. And, the proposal, at its core, really only defines certain states of pregnancy in a different way. That’s all.

Man, it doesn’t take much to get you folks spun up does it? And what’s with the ‘$’? Is there some financial windfall for the Bush administration here or are you just making an unsubstantiated and equally ignorant statement?

Good good fortune finding diet C pills that are as small as beginning manage drugs. I do not know of any vitamin pill that’s that small. Anyway, wanting being in the equal room even as they may be “looking to conceive”, there is relatively no strategy to sabotage their wish to start a loved ones.

Monumentally stupid. Stupid stupid stupid. And shows yet again that conservatives don’t really care about preventing unwanted pregnancy – because if they did, they would be encouraging men and women to do the single most practical and effective thing to prevent pregnancy, which is USE BIRTH CONTROL.

P.S. McCain thinks Viagra is more important and legitimate than birth control. I would not even allow him to comment on any women’s health issue, whether he wanted to or not.

Wait until we get to the Monty Python state – “every sperm is sacred” – and they make it illegal for guys to have a good time with a magazine – but wait, that won’t happen, men write pass and enforce these laws. The same men who make viagra covered by insurance and bc pills not covered by insurance.

Nothin like trying to take us back to the “good” old days. All you need to do is wait for the women over 50 who remember what it was like, to die off, then you have another generation ready to be dominated, another couple generations before we come to our senses again…….

EDIT: Rich Willy – it get us spun up because of the history of this administration and its surrotages (remember plausible deniability?) running goshawful things in under the radar.

Republican logic-Don’t allow abortion or birth control because babies have a “right to life”. Take away the parents’ right to choose, allow them to be born, but Heaven help them if their parents are poor and they can’t afford insurance. It’s apparently o.k. for the babies to be really sick and miserable, but have no medicine. Oh, and be sure and cover Viagra for the republican men. No doubt they need it, but it seems a strange priority to me.
Here’s the link to the article.

Do you have a link you could provide. I would like to read more before commenting. However I would not surprise me at all. As for insurance companies not covering birth control that makes absolutely no sense at all especially sense many Doctors prescribe it for other heath care problems. Isn’t it ironic that they cover pills for men to get erections.

although i am against abortion, i do not agree with the government not allowing this type of birth control. they are going to create bigger problems with child well fare, WIC and more abortions. It’s better to not let a fertilized egg attach to a wall then to abort a 5 month fetus.

I think that our government should not stick their nose in private affairs of American people. By doing so our Fascist government simply wants to control people. Soon they will assign one police officer to each and every household whos responsibility will be to observe people during their intercourse. In he event if the intercourse techniques will differ from the ones which government deemed to be appropriate, they will arrest people and will accuse them of being terrorists. Where are we coming to? Why do we allow our Republican-Fascist government to intervene in our private matters. Some Americans still believe that US is the #1 freedom and and democracy in the world.

good luck looking nutrition C pills that are as small as delivery administration pills. i do no longer comprehend of any nutrition pill that is that small. besides, wanting being interior the comparable room jointly as they are “attempting to conceive”, there is incredibly no thank you to sabotage their choose to start a family.

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