Wat is d difference between terrorists and revolutionaries?????

Hey….!!!plzzzz help me…..m makin project…..
n mah topic iz terrorism versus revolution
get on sum information 4 me…..

revolutionaries-1.the aim of the revolutionaries was to overthrow foreign or colonial rule.
2.revolutionaries laid down their lives to make india free from the colonial rule.
3.they were true nationalists and freedom fighters.
4.they were not against a particular community race or religion.
5.they were targeted public or civilian population.
6.they were not mercenaries or religious fanatics.
7.they were never associated with drug trafficking,extortion,kidnapping or blackmailing.

Terrorists-1.the aim of the terrorists is to overthrow an elected government.
2.terrorists do not fight for their country.they do fight for their self-made ideology.
3.they are against an elected government.
4.they are against a particular community race or religion.
5.the target of terrorists is general public.
6.terrorists are mercenaries and religious fanatics.
7.they are associated with drug trafficking,exortion,kidnapping or blackmailing.

Terrorists will target and attack civilian if it serves a political purpose while revolutionaries attack military targets.
Consider the cliche’ “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”. Is it still true? Think about the acts of Hezbollah, Sinn Fein, Al-Quaeda etc.. you can see that the line that separates a Revolutionary from a Terrorist has been blurred.

PS: Please stop writing in gangster/text language… it really does not do you any favors and makes you sound a touch retarded.

Terrorists are revolutionaries with bad PR
Revolutionaries are terrorists with good PR
That clear things up?

A terrorist goes about achieving his aims by using violence means by killing innocent people and destroying properties.
Terrorists have no regard for human lives and only try to win people’s hearts by terrorising them!
But a revolutionary try to impose his own doctrines by trying to win people’s hearts by peaceful means in the form of passionate speeches and introducing ideas to improve people’s lives!

terrorists are criminals and enemies of the state people who are selfish and murdrers, revolutionaries are people who takes part in or is in favour of political, social, etc revolution in general, or a particular revolution for a cause.

Terrorist as name suggest-Terror, those who creates and spreads terror around you.

Revolutionaries are those who fights for a good cause.

Its very simple, both opposes each other.

well a vewry basic difference is that
terrorist kill innocent peoplee even is they are opposing some thing
but a revolutionary never points towards the innocnt ones.they onlyy point to the faultee people

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