POLL: Would you rather have an Unforgettable Acquaintance OR a Fair Weather Friend?

..And why? You can state a reason for your choice if possible.


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Unforgettable Acquaintance, they made an impression that will carry you through a long time where as a fair weather friend is only there when they want to be…
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Unforgettable acquaintance is always better than a fair weather friend. I don’t like seasonal friends, who come and go in your life, with no use.. A friend must be helpful, in needs and a friend should be by your side, through thick and thin. Fair weather friends talk to me only to kill their goddamn time. People should leave behind some sweet memories in your life that you can never forget them. So, I prefer unforgettable acquaintance rather than fair weather friend.. 🙂

Its like.. “A known devil is always better than an unknown angel”.. I thought about this proverb, on reading your question.. 🙂

…It takes a long way to tag someone as ~Unforgettable ! There’s a whole lot of difference between just an acquaintance and an unforgettable acquaintance ..! The reason would be all those not to be forgotten moments 🙂

Good Question 🙂

I’ve had both in my life and I’d rather have the unforgettable friend because you produce more life long memories with them. Fair weather friends come and go like the wind.

It’ll be interesting to see who goes with the latter. Unforgettable acquaintance for me!

But having a fair weather friend has one advantage. You’ll never be hurt by their actions cos you expect them to behave in a certain manner. They’ll never amaze you…

I would prefer an unforgettable Acquaintance, simply because it is he who makes life colourful & worth living.

Hmm thats tough but why not unforgettable friend?

everybody would like to have true friend and so do i, we need friends when we are happy as well as sad, if some friend can be with me in my sadness or difficult situation then he can’t be with me even in my happiness, because he will be busy finding his own advantage in my happiness…

I don’t understand your question.


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