POLL: Whats ur fav. TV show..?

Whats ur fav. tv show(s)

mine right now r –

anything on animal planet


Degrassi, i never liked that show before but for some ression i love now lol.


Stargate SG1and Atlantis reruns………………

Right now it’s 10 Things I Hate About You

My favorites are
Gossip Girl
So You Think You Can Dance
That 70’s Show.

Arrested Development Strangers With Candy Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Kenny vs. Spenny seriously the best show on tv, look it up on youtube “coolmaxuk” is the name that most of the episodes are under but some of the good ones arent on there because they would be removed. They do things like who can smoke more weed, who can drink more beer, first one to get a stain loses, first one to touch the ground loses, who can eat mroe meet, who can produce more semen, who is the better soldier, who is the better chef etc. kenny usually cheats and spenny goes crazy every episode because hes freaked out about kenny. SPenny even got a date in the who can kiss more women competition but he thought kenny hired her to help him and tell kenny how many kisses spenny was getting but spenny dumped her because he was paranoid about kenny. Whoever loses has to do a humiliation. Like kenny made spenny drink a semen shot, kenny kicked spenny in the balls, spenny ripped some hair off kenny. I could go on and on about this but i wont. Its a good show, you should check it out sometime.

P.S. season 6 starts this fall 🙂

Grey’s Anatomy!


10 Things I Hate About You.

The Closer
The Big Bang Theory

; )

True Blood
The Tudors

Drop Dead Diva.(Shut up xD)
Law and Order: SVU.
Family Guy.
That’s it.(;


secret life
10 things i hate about you
family guy

I LOVEEE DEGRASSI and George Lopez :]

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