If we can defeat Barack Hussein 0bama on healthcare “reform”, is his presidency pretty much done for?

NO MATTER WHAT….he is done for!

short & direct answer: in all possibility in uncomplicated terms a jiffy interior the previous, yet plenty greater suitable on the prompt and rationally than something that has come out of a maggot-contaminated recommendations and mouth like yours. Your so-noted as “factors”, Nazi dirt, do not substantiate your important subject. Your insane diatribe and scummy assertions have been suggested via actuality the vicious, psychotic madness they’re. you’re a liar and a low fee imitation of a propagandist.

Clinton lost on health care in 1994 and was president until 2000. In 2012 the results of the election will depend on the unemployment rate not health care.

Polls show most people want reform…just not Obama’s. Until they are asked about specifics from the health care bill. Then 9 out of 10 people support the ideas. This just goes to show that people have no idea what this bill is about.
I really believe this bill is a loser for Republicans either way….if it goes to vote.
If it passes, obviously the Republicans lose the fight…. but probably win elections next year.
If the bill is voted on and loses. The Democrats can use all the things in the bill and say Republicans voted giving you this provision.

The fact that this is an unconstitutional piece of **** bill…..makes him done for.

But besides that, i have a feeling people are fed up with paying for their neighbors mortgages.

Obama is finished. Communism is lame.

He was a lame duck the day he took the oath of office. No plan, no change!

I think so, he bet the farm on Health Care. Hard to see how he turn it around.

Well, Flags of Our Fathers, I’m pretty certain that you want him done for in general.

He is DONE Flags, put a fork in him…health care or not.

it does not matter whether he gets health care passed or not — he is done for.

If he passes that bill he is done for, if he doesn’t pass it he is done for- the guy is the worst president we have ever had!

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