How much do teen babysitters get paid per hour?

Hey i was wondering how much young babysitters get paid per hour.

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There is never a set price when it comes to all families who need babysitters. It depends on how long you babysit for, what needs to be done and the families income. That is something you would need to discuss with the parent of whoever you would be babysitting.

Young teens charging $10-15 an hour!! Wow. I am 13 and charge $6 per hour and $7 for 2 kids. That is good for my area(Florida). I have one family that will pay me $9 sometimes for there one boy and maybe more when the new baby arrives. Alot of the parents offer me dinner but I always bring my own food but occasionally a snack or drink. I have only invited a friend once because the mom asked if I would like to since it was 6 hours.

i make $10-$12 an hour depending on who i am babysitting for

5 dollars an hr + 1 dollar extra for each kid

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