How come church folks cuss and thinks it’s ok?

The heart of the righteous studieth to answer: but the mouth of the wicked poureth out evil things.
31 The mouth of the just bringeth forth wisdom: but the froward tongue shall be cut out.
32 The lips of the righteous know what is acceptable: but the mouth of the wicked speaketh frowardness.

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I don’t know why someone who claims to be a christian would be using that kind of language.
when I got saved cussing was a habit I had to break and with the Lords help I did.
who ever is doing that is messing up their witness.

Well, as someone else has stated, it’s like any bad habit; it’s hard to break once you get into it. I’ve worked in kitchens for most of my adult life; the last one was male-dominated, I was the only woman there. In a lot of situations, when you have a stressful job, cussing is a way to relieve stress and get on with work. I am not saying that men swear more than women, because I swear with the best of them, although I do try to make a conscious effort to control my language.

The old “the natural man is an enemy to God” quote pops into my head. Like smoking, drinking, sex, etc., these are worldly things. It’s hard to be in the world, but not of the world.

Some people swear because of the shock value. It can be an attention-getting thing as well. I am especially vigilant when I am around friends with children. Sometimes I’ll say something, and then have to think really quickly “did I just swear when I said that?” I certainly don’t want my bad behaviors and faults to negatively affect anyone else. Its’ bad enough they affect me.

Just because They are christians doesn’t mean that they are saved or have a close relationship with the lord. She might have a problem with repenting and changing her life for christ. Another thing to realize is that we are human being that are not created to be perfect so we sin so that is why christ was sacrificed his life so we don’t have to be a slave to the law (10 commandments). As long as we love one another and pray for forgiveness and repent for our sin as best as we can and ask the lord for strength and change. And live as the best christians as we can we are saved and love in the eyes of the lord.

You have an interesting life!

All I can say to this one is that all people who think they are in Christ probably aren’t. This woman was acting well in church, no cussing. But outside the church she was just being herself. It would seem that she is unregenerate. Her religion would appear quite worthless.

However, it is unfair to blame the children of Christians for the way they turn out, if they appear to turn out wrong. In this world we have the devil roaring about and he is ready to take hold wherever he can.

From my information, he did not comprehend what he replaced into. He wasn’t an atheist or a pantheist, using fact he suggested he wasn’t. He actual could not understand a taking off to a God (from Jewish ideals, God has no commencing up, so he could not believe in that God), yet he could not additionally understand the order he observed interior the universe with no God being cutting-edge. yet he actual replaced into not a Christian. i think of, given the Holocaust, he could have been offended on the assumption. i think of the Snopes answer however probable has some thing to do with it. basically like people believe that blinking your headlights gets you killed, people tend to get emails asserting Einstein did this or replaced into that and take it as gospel. 😛 “In view of such cohesion interior the cosmos which I, with my constrained human recommendations, am in a position to nicely known, there are yet people who say there is not any God. yet what incredibly makes me offended is they quote me for the help of such perspectives.” “i’m not an atheist and that i don’t think of i will call myself a pantheist. we are interior the region of somewhat newborn moving right into a extensive library crammed with books in many languages. the newborn is ordinary with of somebody could desire to have written those books. It would not comprehend how. It would not understand the languages wherein they’re written. the newborn dimly suspects a mysterious order interior the arrangements of the books, yet would not comprehend what that’s. That, it form of feels to me, is the physique of recommendations of even the main sensible man or woman in direction of God.” upload: just to declare it, if Einstein suggested “i’m not a pantheist” it rather is what he suggested, whether what he additionally suggested seems to lean in that direction, you won’t be in a position to declare “he replaced right into a pantheist.” He suggested he wasn’t, and… that’s basically how that’s.

It is not right for a Christian to cuss. And the fact that your friend wouldn’t do it at church should tell her that she shouldn’t do it at home either. The Bible says we will give account for every idle word we say. Plus it also says not to take the Lord’s name in vain.

The reason “church folk” cuss is sometimes because they’re notsave. The holyghost would convict a person to do right. I’d stay away from that if I were you.

Out of all the sins one could commit cussing seems to be the least harmless one. I cuss, not incessantly mind you, but my attitude is that I don’t smoke or drink or do drugs so I should at least be able to cuss. I know that that reasoning is a little stupid– but I feel that when I have children in the future I will stop. Cussing seems to be mostly harmless to me and it also seems that a great many people do it. I watch my mouth in mixed company, in front of my parents or children and at other appropriate times. I figure it is not hurting anyone– so whatever!

It is in every R rated and PG-13 movie, in music and in literature– cussing just seems to be a part of our culture.

I have also heard people that I would be surprised to hear cuss, cuss.

College professors 40 to 50 years olds cuss, professionals, lawyers, my bosses, kids etc.

PS It is really bothering me that many of you people believe that if you cuss you haven’t been saved???!! How misguided and judgmental are all of you!

Being saved does not make you perfect! And you do not have to be actively seeking God and improving yourself to be saved either!!

If you truly believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus died for your sins, rose from the grave and is the son of God— THEN BY HIS WOUNDS and GRACE YOU HAVE BEEN SAVED!!!

God’s love is unconditional and if you cuss he will not forsake you— really how weak is your faith, and stop judging others— I am quite certain you are not perfect either.

AND every Christian is at a different stage of their faith– sorry we are not all as perfect and Christ-like as you!

PS PS this is what the Bible has to say about it:

How to Be Born Again

You must accept this salvation as a gift. You cannot earn it (Eph 2:8,9). To receive a new life from God you must receive Jesus into your life. (John 1:12). He will then give you a new life and the possibility to change. To do this, you must respond to God’s Holy Spirit, who urges you to forsake your excuses and commit yourself wholeheartedly to Christ. This wholehearted commitment, this faith, this believing in Christ, brings God into your life.

Romans 10:9 declares:

“that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.”

This believing in Christ’s resurrection means believing from the heart, with full conviction, that God is real, and that Jesus is really alive. The Greek tense of the word “confess” in this verse tells us that our confession of Jesus as Lord needs to be an ongoing one. The idea is that we don’t deny Him as Lord. We say with our mouth before men and act with our lives as if He is Lord – our Lord. This confession will have an influence on what we say and do. Since Jesus is the Word of God, our salvation is received and maintained by an ongoing confession of what the Word of God says. Jesus said, “… by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned” (Matt. 12:37). So our confession of God’s Word (literally from Gk: homologeo – saying the same thing as God’s Word), is the key to our salvation.

When you repent, believe and confess the Lord Jesus Christ, God gives you a new heart (Jer. 31:33) and a new desire to please God. Out of gratitude and respect you will allow God to change you more and more and direct your life in the future. Why not put your trust in Jesus right now for this salvation and forgiveness. You can do this by praying this prayer to God right now:

My “good Catholic” Italian, uncle was the most foul-mouthed person I ever knew.

He had a great funeral eulogy, but it that failed to mention that he had been a hit man for the Mafia.

I just truly wouldn’t worry about the way that other people talk.

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