How can i check a browsers history through the hard drive?

I want to look at my browser history when i first bought my laptop about 3yrs ago. is that possible? If not how can i check what websites ive viewed eventhought i already deleted my history. i have att. Am i able to check what websties ive visited or only my provider

Post basic detail on pc: Mac or Windows, Linux.

In Windows, try the Find function in the registry. Maybe urls there survive Deleted History, duno.

Start, Run, clear the box, type Regedit, press ok/enter, select Current User, click edit, find, put typedurls in the search box, press ok or enter.

It’s recommended to back up registry before editing it. You might wana set Restore Point in System Restore.

If urls are found by Find, they can be deleted by clicking on the icon on their left and choosing Delete.

If removing a few, re-number the remaining ones in numerical order, or the list may be corrupted. Not big deal, though.

This will remove them from Internet Explorer’s drop down list of urls in the address window.

I’ve done that in Xp Home and maybe win 98. I havent tried in other Windows op systems

You might check the Internet Service Provider’s Web Site and check to see if your account keeps any kind of records. I know mine does. When you delete your Internet History it is normally over written by new History and three years ago doesn’t exist any more.

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