From your experience what fire zodiac sign is quick to apologize to you after they hurt your feelings?

Well Aries doesn’t even know when they hurt you,they are pretty oblivious so they are voted out. Leo can hurt you too without knowing it and they don’t seem to care much, they’re kinda just like oh well, good. I would go with Sagittarius on this one, they know they can be mean and thus they later apologize but hours later because they feel bad.

None, in my humble opinion ( at least not the ones belonging to fire signs that I met – and trust me I have met and knew a whole LOT).

However, and although many of them refuse to VERBALLY and EXPLICITLY apologize, they may perform other ‘good-will’ gestures to express their ‘apology’ and to compensate for hurting your feelings, and they can be indeed quite generous, ranging from ‘freely’ complimenting you, to inviting you out to dinner, getting you a favorite book, or perhaps inviting you to a trip with them. You get my point 😉
I once worked with a Sagittarius boss who had a major argument with an employee and then in a matter of a few days he awarded him with a very generous bonus and upgraded his position. So go figure.

Saying this and knowing a few Aries and Leos who would never ever apologize but just keep on hurting your feelings particularly behind your bak, for no other reason than because, well, because they can. Some of them DO have LOUD MOUTHS and usually posses a great vocabulary to boot. They could be the B***** of the zodiac, males and females equally. They are unable to stop dissecting you to whoever would listen, never mind apologizing lol)

Some Saggies do belong to this last category if you hurt their pride and make them feel less than their ‘ego’ dictates; however, they may turn around occasionally, depending on the circumstances, forgive and forget.

Bottom line, fire signs excel at creating discord rather than making peace (it’s just NOT in their inherent nature to live in peace lol); they may create one drama after another (blame it on their high energy), but then again this depends on other factors such as their upbringing and spirituality). They fully deserve the title the ‘Drama queens and kings of the zodiac’ par excellence. But this is just my own opinion.

Sag is the only one that I’ve seen genuinely apologize. It takes Leos and Aries a lot of pride swallowing to admit when they’re wrong.

Aries are quick and spontaneous to apologize they are much more better than leos,sags and thats my experience with them

I have alot of Sagittarius in my charts and I don’t apologize quick, so I’m gonna have to say Leos.. they may be a bit arrogant but they’re really sweet….and Aries will apologize too, if it’s called for

The FIRE sign that would be most likely to apologize would probably be Leo…speaking from my own experience, I feel terrible if I know I’ve hurt someone’s feelings and will be the first one to apologize and try to make things right.

I know a lot of Sagittarius people who are the same way 🙂

Saggi, Pisces always. We are just peacemakers 😀
I apologize even If I dun know why or know I’m right.
I just dun like to make anyone sad or depressed ….

Saggi 😀

i think sagittarius bcuz once i was in the computer lab with my bestie (capricorn) and she kept tapping me and calling my name while i was trying to talk 2 some1 else and i just turned around nd yelled “WHAT!?” and she had made this sad looking face lyk i scared her or hurt her feelings but i had turned back around to the person i was talking 2 but i did notice the face my capricorn bestie made so i quickly turned back around and apoligized bcuz i didn’t mean to yell at her. that was in 7th grade, till this day, we still besties 🙂

Leo, Well I know I do immediately I feel guilty and like “Wow did I really just say/do that?”

i don’t know about leos. when they think they’re wrong,but their ego gets in the way,you won’t hear “i’m sorry”

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