Do I need a passport to travel from Cyprus to England?

Can I just use my ID card?

You do not need a passport as citizen of the Republic of Cyprus. Your Δελτιο Ταυτοτητασ can be used to travel within the European Union.… ..

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@ Mark
The right to travel on the national ID card is based on EU legislation and it has been established long before the Schengen agreement went into effect. I have travelled to London since 1973 by just using my national ID card [called “Personalausweis” in my EU country]. The fact that some EU countries do not issue ID cards does not preclude others from travelling with their ID cards.

The UK Border Agency website clearly states on entry requirements for EU nationals:
When you enter the UK, you must show your passport or » national identity card «. You should use the separate channel marked ‘EEA/EU’, where it is available. Immigration officers will check your passport or national identity card to ensure that it is valid and belongs to you.

Mark, you are completely wrong in your reply. The use of National Identity Cards instead of passports is totally independent of whether or not a country is part of the Schengen Area, and it applies to ALL countries in the EU. Where a country HAS a National Identity Card (i.e. not Britain, Ireland, Denmark, and one or two others) their citizens can use that to travel throughout the EU; when a country does not have a National ID card then their citizens have to use a passport (though once they enter the Schengen Area they don’t normally have to show it again), but other countries’ citizens can use their cards to enter the country.

That was the only good thing to be said about the last UK governments’ ID card scheme, which was the first thing the new government scrapped when it came in – you could buy an ID card for £30 and travel throughout the EU instead of having to pay £77.50 for a passport.

No. Your Cyprus EU/ national ID card is enough.

I am becoming worried about the fact that people on YA are so ignorant of EU rights and obligations.

If Cyprus has ID cards CAN use it as know Germans who use ID card to enter OTHER EU countries……

You need a passport. Your ID card is not valid for entry into the UK. The UK is not a member of the “Schengen” common travel agreement area.

The UK does not have an ID card system, and the last government that tried to introduce a compulsory one lost an election over gestapo-like policies of that kind. Because of this, we don’t accept anyone else’s ID cards either.

Your ID card will be accepted as proof of your identity in the UK if it has your details in our alphabet (Greek alphabet is not known by most British people), but not as a travel document.

yes you need a passport
unless you are british and in emergencies you can fly back to your country without a passport


You need a passport to travel to any country

You need a passport.

yes ofcourse you need a passport!

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