Day 3 (Compy Final -Saturday) Who can name 3 horses who will win at Aintree today?

Saturday is the Final of the Aintree Top Tipster Challenge and the King/Queen of the Aintree Tipsters will be crowned tonight.
Hopefully we will have some better results in for Fridays Compy and the Leaderboard will look a bit healthier.
Who is going to be top Aintree Tipster?
Choose 3 horses today (one to be…

Evening all….

Nowhere near the top today….

I thought I was going to hit the top spot when my Nap came in, then saw that Kezza’s nap won at 22/1. Great one there !!

Will give my hopefuls in the morning, when I’ve found a few possible outsiders !!


Afternoon All…

Well here are mine to see if i can topple the MAN from the top spot !!

2.15 Bergo
4.15 Don’t Push It (Nap) – C’mon AP !!
5.35 Amuse Me

Resv – 5.00 Caravel

Good luck every one (except you Kezza !!!) (kidding)

Edit @ 1.09… changed my Nap Jac… Now to be Don’t Push it.

Well done Kezza with your 22-1 nap. Excellent tipping. Just make sure there are no heroics like that in Des’s comp tomorrow!

3-25 Tatenen
4-15 Comply or Die
5-00 Nortonthorpe Lad (nap)

Reserve: 2-15 Osana

Good Luck All

Good Competition Jac, Well done. Just wish i could have found a winner. Think i need more than a winning nap tomorrow so here are the hopefuls: 1-55 Thin Red Line 2-30 Gallagher 3-40 Tamagin(nap) Reserve: 4-50 Leleyf Good Luck All Edit: Well done Scally. Excellent tipping. You certainly Bish Bash Boshed us!! Nice one matey. You still the main man.

15:25 Mister Quasimodo

16:15 Madison Du Berlais NapeRooney

17:35 Fishoutofwater

Resv 13:45 Sleepy Hollow

Oh des it is comfortable, Isnt it nice and warm from all the times ive been there before, Oh well,taking the seat in behind.

2.15 Bergo
3.25 Wogan
4.15 King Johns Castle(NAP)

res 2.50 Zaynar

EDIT: Could someone please close this compy tomorrow as I wont be home to do it and Jac may not be available as the past few days she hasnt.

Hello all.
Kezza`s blew the lid off this com with his 22/1 Nap…Well done Kez..I thought Sam G had it in the bag with his 8/1 Nap..Just goes to show dont it…

I had a laugh at Des & Kezza`s answers..they sound like two old dears fighting for a ring side seat at a boxing

Here goes..

Seven is my Number..
The Package…………

Res:..Leslingtaylor ..

Going to put a GN comp up later Jac..

Good luck all & bring them home safe guys..


No winners Jac..enjoyed your comp & thanks for taking the time ..Well done AP today..Great to see all runners and riders came back safe..

I made a profit today ..CHAMPION….xx

2.15 Green Belt Elite
3.25 Dom D’orgeval (nap)
5.00 Black Coffee
Res: 4.15 Big Fella Thanks
Cheers 😉

Edgbriar 3.25
Snowy Morning 4.15
Thumbs Up 5.00 nap
Dare Me 5.35 reserve

Its been a lot of fun again & its not over till its over so time to find some fancy prices (or not) lol

Green Belt Elite – 2.15
Tatenen – 3.25 (nap)
Teltami – 5.35

Cerium – 4.15 (reserve)

Hi going to the Celtic semi final so no time to look in the morning.A silly 12.15 kick off.Anyway thanks for the fun Jac.My horses are;Green Belt [email protected](NAP)[email protected][email protected]… reserve is [email protected]…Good Luck all,hope you all collect.

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