Question about censoring cuss words on TV?

I was wondering if I’m the only one doing this, because for me censoring clearly doesn’t work.

I watch TV, someone says something bad, and I hear this ‘bleep’ or ‘buzz’ or whatever it’s called in the English language.

Then I start to guess which cuss word was bleeped away, so in my…

…and just where did you learn all those bad cuss words,young man?….that does it Markyyy…I am going to pick you up and take you to church Sunday…

Using the same logic, will you allow your kids to watch hardcore porn videos? At some point, they’ll most likely see porn and/or engage in sex acts. So why not let them see it an an early age? Using cuss words isn’t normally acceptable in polite society. Cuss words are vulgar and baser. When your mother asks her 4-year-old grandchildren (your kids) if they’d like to have some ice cream, would you rather have them reply: “yes, please” or “you bet your fǔcḱin’ aşś” Shows like South Park and Family Guy both feature warnings at the beginning of their shows. Family Guy suggests using discretion while South Park states that the program shouldn’t be viewed by anyone. These programs have a point of doing so. They push the limits deliberately to show exemplify American prudishness. Americans like to think of themselves as openminded, but they really aren’t. In other countries, topless or nude beaches are normal and people think nothing of it. In countries that Americans consider third world countries, women can breast feed their babies in public without shame or reproach. In the US, women have been arrested on indecency charges for doing the same. The idea of breastfeeding is practically frowned up as is were a sexual deviation instead of what nature intends. Americans are prudes and that is what those shows are mocking. Even in your question, you wrote that words such as penis, biṭḉh (let’s add aşś) are cuss words, but they aren’t. These are legitimate words that can, in the proper context, be used in polite conversation. Children are too immature to differentiate the subtle differences between when certain words are appropriate or not. So adults try to protect them from learning such language at least until they are old enough to know the difference. I know all the cuss words, but I’m mature enough to also know when such words can be used appropriately. People who learn the words too early in life, often never learn them appropriately.

I was never good at lip reading, so I’m always left wondering if they said one of the cuss words which violate George Carlin’s list of 7 deadly cuss words never supposed to heard on tv.

****ing morons. Guess which one I used.

When I lived on the Wet Coast there was a TV station from Washington that we used to get.
They would censor their movies. It was funny because they censors would allow every curse word or obscenity to be said but bleeped “Jesus Christ, or God Dammit” every time.
Yet they would broadcast the religious shows with Jesus Christing and God God Damning everything.
It was so sad I had to laugh.

Try watching Resevoir Dogs with just the religious words missing.

It’s all about the context and lip moves.
For instance:
-What the *BLEEP* are you doing?
Apparently it’s not “hell”, since the word “hell” isn’t a cuss word, it’s 99.9% “*****”
– BLEEP! I forgot my homework!
It’s most probably $hit, and a close second is “crap”. But it’s all about the lip moves (If the lips are blurred, then the context works pretty well).

One way of not going through the cuss word dictionary when you see beeped words is – turn it off. This works very well.

I like it better when they dub over it.

I once heard mother****** dubbed over as “dolphin scratcher”

i honestly think it’s the best thing i’ve ever heard.

oh, and to actually answer your question, no i don’t do that, cause if you actually look you can see what they’re saying by how their lips move. also sometimes captions still have the words in them even though they’re bleeped out in the audio

yea i wonder when they do that too. They should just make it silent and blur out their mouth to keep us from wondering

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