Poll: Have you ever donated blood?

Yes! 😀
I’ll do it again when I find out the next donation day… Though the last time things went painfully wrong :/

Yes and i loved every minutes of it…i donate blood 4 times 🙂

Yes several times, being a registered blood and tissue donor here in Texas

Most recently I gave blood when I hit a “one way” sign after A+P yesterday,
as I walked back to my vehicule. Not deep enough for stitches, but I do have
five staples = which hopefully will be coming out next Wednesday morning 🙂

I tried last year and when I got up to the place and was turning my paper I had to have signed in they told me I couldn’t donate blood because the top half of the paper was torn off. It’s not like they couldn’t see the signatures or anything, but oh well…guess, I won’t be saving a life.

yes, i do every 3 months or when i have a chance (has to be more than 3 month for each time.) and i have been donated 9 times already.
i am 20 (turn to 21 in 2 months!)

Yes, since I’m O- I regularly give a double red blood cell donation. They take my red blood cells and return my plasma and platelets.

Yes and i felt like fainting afterwards. That was about 3-4 months ago and sorry, but I wouldn’t do it again. I was basically peer pressured into it because my friends spotted a “give blood” van and got all hyped up. I hate needles too :))

The red cross comes to our school every year and they put up this huge sign on the wall that says all the requirements you need to have to give blood. I’m not tall enough 🙁 you have to at least be 5’5″. I’m 4’9″ 🙁

Every 3 months, I think. Donated a gallon and a half so far.

Nope. I’m absolutely terrified of needles… that doesn’t make a lot of sense cuz I have 9 piercings and a tattoo, but the idea of having a needle stuck in my vein to drain me out just reallyyyy scares me :/ lol

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