Why do zionists think if a group of human rights activists have the same IP they must be the same person?

Have you ever seen a university library? We have 500 terminals,what to speak of Wifi. We also have a very active campus chapter of Amnesty International. Whether I use my laptop at the dorm or I use it here at the library – we have four – it’s still the same IP.
For that matter our public library system has…

Hi Mark. Yes,I’ve wondered about that one myself. Whether I come here or use my office I’m still using the university IP. Same thing with anybody at the public library. You can have two people forty miles apart using different branch libraries but it would still be the same IP since it’s all the same county system. I do think a large number of the zionists here are fundamentalists or American Jews,not Israelis and to go by the amount of time they spend here and how long their responses are I guess I’ve always assumed they were for the most part angry,frustrated people with few friends who spend all their time sitting at home on their own computer.
I do have a good computer but the IP isn’t even remotely as good as the one here. This is so fast I can do the same research in half the time or less. So I guess many of them must be pretty reclusive. Colleges always have top-notch quality with internet access.
Another thing I’ve noticed is that they think it’s the same person if you tend to show up at the same time,but you know I have email correspondences with many of our participants and we often do plan to pay a visit here around the same time. Plus,my friends are friends because of common interests and politics.Maya and I are old friends; we’ve known each other for ten years. All the young people with the campus chapter of AI come here after meetings. I guess I’d have to say it’s nothing to worry about. But it does illustrate something interesting about American zionists: they are social isolates. There is no other way they wouldn’t know about Wifi or library computer systems.

Gita Sehgal must be commended for being true to the original human rights cause. Amnesty International has become an Islamic propaganda tool. There are lots of such “Human rights activists” parading in India too like Teesta Setalvad. She’s never fought for the rights of those burnt alive in the train at Godhra or the victims of 26/11 attacks but has made a career out of Gujarat riots. I wouldn’t be surprised if these so called Human rights activists are funded by Islamic petro dollars. They have nothing to do with Human rights and the truth. Infact she was caught by SIT making several exaggerated false claims of muslims being tortured during riots.

You’re certainly right about them being Americans. Look at that traveler guy above me here. Yes,I think that’s an American. At least with antizionists it’s an even balance between Palestinians and their supporters,whether western human-rights activists or fellow Muslims in other regions of the world or persons from other Arab states. Another thing they do is revile Muslims who – supposedly – “come here” to annoy the Israelis who almost never come here. They are actually so dumb they don’t notice when they themselves “come here” that this is a subcategory of Africa & the Middle East and that anything posted on it goes straight to the A&ME category,which is where Muslims see it and why they respond. They don’t “come here” ; our questions “go there”!

They’re are just not very bright,obviously or they wouldn’t support a racist state in the first place. Most of the “zionists” on this site are retired Baptists in the South by the way. I’m sure they just assume if they are shut-ins sitting for hours a day at a home computer it must be like that with everyone.

oh don’t worry about it. It’s not about your ip it’s all about fearing to hear the truth. They suspect anyone who doesn’t write what they like to read. And then they report you. I was reported for this today :

Question: What do you think about this guy, Mosab Hassan Yousef?
Deleted Answer: fox news? sorry not a reliable medium. 🙂 I liked the part about his thoughts on Islam and christianity though. If he thinks that Islam stabs Christianity in the back solely because muslims do not believe in the crucifixion of Jesus, son of Mary, I wonder what he would think about judaism, since, as we know, jews regard the esteemed Jesus, son of Mary as an impostor, a liar. Isn’t it interesting? What do you think? 🙂 Edit : what the thumbs down for ? Is anyone denying these facts? please tell me.””

Lol. Am I wrong when I say that jewish people don’t believe in Jesus, son of Mary, the messiah?
Anyway, I don’t have much time today, but I intend to appeal this answer deletion and get my perfectly appropriate answer back as I have done in the past 🙂

They are limited in their thinking by a noticeable tendency toward subjectivity; in this instance i would presume if they personally are at home they assume everyone must be using a home computer. personally,I’m at my office.

some of the trolls you refer to are seriously nasty people. one such individual has created accounts in my name and has posted virulent anti-semitic and anti-Arab and Islamaphobic statements, including incitement to murder.

i have reported this to yahoo, and encourage others to do so.

if this continues, the police should be informed

they are pathetic and cowardly

stalking isnt ‘cool’ or ‘hard’; such mischief also doesnt do wonders for the reputation of Zionists or their belovedly illegitimate state.

my advice to anti-Zionists here is this: Keep going!!

keep reporting these nasty individuals and demented stalkers

I’m wonderring how much the government of Israel is paying people to go on and defend the IDF’s use of white phosphorus on defenseless Palestinians.

Aaah, they talk nonsense all the time.
That’s why, most of them end up sending hate mails to people who’re in critic of them and their fascist apartheid land.

I wouldn’t be worry about their BS’s. It’s endless!

It’s just funny how they always want to come up with some sort of intelligent and unique responses but it always works against them!

Some of them are so ridiculously relentless with cut&past material, dandyl, kismet, tequila, teresa,………

It’s a big joke, really.

Human rights activists? That is great news! I support that cause. Thank you for your question here in the Israel Travel section.

I must say, I look forward to hearing more from you and hearing you defend the rights of Jews all over the world.

You are so right (as is evidenced by all your answers). Very right. Yes. I agree in the affirmative with the fact you are 100% correctamundo!

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