Why are some of Obama’s Black Supporters so racist?? I do not condone any type of racism.?

There is a huge rift developing within the Black Community.
Obama is me. Reverand Wright represents so many older Black People I know that have remained bitter. I dont socialize with them but I also dont disown them.
Like Ronald Reagan did not disown his bigoted supporters when he ran and become President and…

There are some older black people in this country who have views others might consider racist as the result of personal experiences. Many bad things were still happening to black citizens in this country due to their race as recently as the 1960’s. It is not reasonable to expect that group of people will forget or just get over their own life experiences.

Unfortunately, there is a large population of racist thinking black people in America who have never experienced any race based discrimination in their lives. They learn to hate from people like Louis Farrakhan. They blame whites for putting them in prison after murdering innocent black Americans and store clerks. They are angry as hell and think that justifies being completely worthless.

The huge rift developing is between people who want to move forward and those who aren’t willing to get over the past. I am happy so see this rift because it is an important stepping stone on the path for people to realize that America loves all of her law abiding citizens. Maybe forward movers in this generation can teach the next how important their contributions to this great nation can be.

Some of Obama’s black supporters are racist because they have either experienced unforgettable negative experiences or stupidly avoided taking opportunities that exist today in order to foster hatred of others from many years ago.

Black Liberation Theology is dieing out, but in defense of it, it came about as Christianity’s answer to Islam. Black people needed protection and support and Islam was offering that. As a Christian, I’d rather see a black Christian church offering BLT than black people turning to Islam.

In defense of BLT, you can see, even among Democrats that racism is not dead.

Hillary Clinton said that she has earned the votes of “hard-working whites”. She portrays herself as the candidate that can win the Pres nomination because of this. She tells the country that this is who we are. If anyone thinks that this advances the cause of Civil Rights, they’re delusional. You’re either advancing the cause of Civil Rights or your doing the opposite. Hillary Clinton is doing the opposite.

Was she ever the pillar of the Civil Rights Movement that we thought she was? Or were she and Bill just pandering to black people for their votes? Why didn’t she “reject and denounce” these racist voters for their attitudes? Think of the effect this would’ve had on the country. She had the opportunity for a “moment of greatness” and she opted for the easy path, to garner votes for herself by whatever means necessary, regardless of how much it took Civil Rights backwards. It’s truly tragic.

heres the thing. when you refer to white racists that are voting republican, there is no need for the republican to disown them because he is relying on the white vote and knows that almost no blacks will vote for him anyways, and he does not need the black vote to win and it does not matter if blacks think that he is racist. if a black man does not disown blacks who are racist against a whites, the majority of the country, being white, will be put in the same situation as the white racists put the blacks in. you can not win an election without white voters. plain and simple, whites are the majority, so if you alienate them you WILL lose. if you alienate a minority, you CAN still win.

No one has ever said a person was bad because of their skin color. A person is bad because of the bad things they do regardless of the color of their skin.

It just so happens that in the USA 13% of the population is directly responsible for over 55% of the crime.

That has got to change and cannot be tolerated.

People across the board, all races, whomever they support have been racist lately. Don’t pin it on one group. Thanks to our behavior as a nation during this election process, America, in the eyes of the world, now looks like a shallow bigoted joke.

Reagan certainly not named his RACIST pastor as a “mentor” or “religious adviser” and regarded him so near, we name him “uncle”……. If YOU are Obama….. you’re a clown. Please take somewhat extra pleasure in America, and VOTE WISELY. Obama and his some distance-left time table are damaging to all people.

They are racist because they want to hold onto the pass and unable to move forward. They should spend their engery on inproofing our country such as education, economy, and aid the poor.

Why are some of McCain and Hillary’s white supporters so racist?? Hillary is endorsed by the biggest racist of the world, Ann Coulter. McCain has tons of racist supporters.

Let me guess….you’re a white guy who’s obsessed with black people and you really have no idea what black people think. I always LoL when whites pretend to know the inner thoughts of blacks.

The vast majority of the racism being spewed is coming against Obama supporters, not from them.

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