Who got the worst reaction becoming vegetarian?

Feel free to share your vegetarian story, and your reactions from your family/friends. I’m pretty sure a lot of us had a bad one, especially if we had carnivore parents.

I would share mine, but I’m fairly lazy and my fingers hurt. xD

So go ahead. Most amusing = 10 pts.

My parents were fine with it because I agreed I’d eat dairy and eggs until I moved out. I think my mom took me seriously, but my step dad thought it was just a phase. Then my mom was on my laptop, because her computer is really slow, and I had goveg.com up. She saw a link to the Meet Your Meat video, and watched it. I was in school, and at lunch (one of the few places I get phone service) I got a text from her saying she watched the video and wanted to be a pecsetarian (but she’s vegetarian now).

Well, since my mom is 47 it was a big deal to my step dad. I’m fourteen, so everything I do, he thinks is a phase. But it wasn’t “just a phase” with my mom. I was in the kitchen, cooking broccoli and cheddar rice for me and my mom, and he was cooking pepperoni and sausage pizzas. He got really mad, because I guess we were crowding up the kitchen (he’s used to doing the cooking on his own). And then he started yelling saying that we were tearing the family apart, just because we didn’t eat meat. I had my mom tell him (because if I said it I’d get in trouble) that it wasn’t us not eating the same things that was going to tear the family apart, it was his reaction to it. And after that he basically shut up, for the day.

Then he started challenging me, saying that there were laws against animal abuse and that I couldn’t know if it was happening in the US or not. So I did a bunch of research, and when I tried explaining it to him, he got pissed off and said that he didn’t care and that I shouldn’t be trying to convert him (when every Sunday he tries to convert me to Christianity). And seriously, he was the one who asked for me to get the facts. I was just doing what I’d been told to.

Now, though, it’s pretty okay. Usually we have a side dish we all can eat, and then I’ll make me and my mom a main dish that usually only needs to be microwaved. Or if it’s something we all can eat, I usually cook it. And he refuses to touch our food, but at first he expected me or my mom to cook his! Now, though, it’s all okayish. But my sister’s husband is always annoying about it, about the same things as my step dad, only with more of an intensity. I fixed that situation by refusing to go out to her house anymore (every now and then I used to stay for a weekend, or a few days when I was off of school). So all in all, things are pretty okay I guess.

I was nervous when I first became a vegetarian. I thought, or knew, that no one would really understand my reasons. So I kept it quiet and just said I wasn’t in the mood for chicken or what have you…

I don’t think it was more then a few weeks later that my brother asked me on a car drive home with my mother if I didn’t want to eat meat anymore. I said that I didn’t want to, and it was really no big deal from then on.

Occasionally from the time I was 17 to maybe about 19, my mother hassled me about getting scurvy and getting sick because I wasn’t eating enough vegetables and fruits. Which made me laugh because I never liked them even when I did eat meat.

I think most of all, the worst reaction anyone can get in their life are the ignorant ones. People who have, beyond a shadow of a doubt, no idea what being a vegetarian or vegan is all about.

We are all different, we all have are reason. It’s laughable to see so many people become irate when you simply tell them you don’t eat meat.

Mine wasn’t that bad. My family and ALL of my friends eat meat so I’m like the only vegetarian in my life but everyone was very cool and supportive. My family has always known how much i love animals and I had been thinking about it for a while so it didn’t cme as such a shock

I saw a slight increase in my lactose intolerance as a vegetarian because I stopped drinking milk so frequently, and the small occasions where I would drink it I would get really sick.I have some advice for you: Stop drinking milk! I am lactose intolerant as well and since becoming a vegetarian, I have dropped milk all together. It is horrible for you, its made for a baby cow to grow into a full grown cow! And we only have 1 stomach to process it as opposed to their 4 stomachs. If cheese or milk or lactose is making you sick, do not drink or consume it.

I am the only person in my family who is a vegan.
No one supported me at first, and my parents wouldn’t even cater to my “special diet”.
They both thought I was going through a phase but after five years,
they’ve learned to accept it.
They are divorced so I eat differently at each parents house, but otherwise, it all good.
I went to a doctor last year and had a blood test done because I had become depressed. I have a severe vitamin D deficiency, along with b-12, and a few others.
I now have to take 4000IU of vitamin D a day, along with two other types of perscribed vitamins. Not a fun deal.

Well I just became one this year in October and no one really understands. Im pretty sure im the only one in my entire school that’s a vegetarian and everyone in my family eats meat so every time we have a holiday dinner or something its really hard to find something they made that I can eat. My mom and dad aren’t to happy about because they don’t know what to feed me its really hard because I don’t like salad and most vegetables =\ but oh well ill survive.

I became a vegetarian two days ago. I told my mother why I decided to stop eating meat, and she still thinks it’s a joke. She has this mindset that it’s just a phase and that I’m gonna start eating meat again soon.

Not very amusing, sorry. :/

Hmm my dad thought it was stupid
and a few of my friends were just stunned that i could give up meat now they always ask what i eat
OH and i’ve been asked a few times “if you were starving in the desert and the only thing around was a plate of juicy steak would you eat it?”

i never really no what to say to that… 😛

My parent’s flipped out and started throwing raw steaks at my head! Then ran after me with a injection of animal lard attempting to squeeze it into my veins. then they made me watch a video of Palin telling Americans that it’s thier duty to their country to eat meat and join the army! I am scared for life now…….

lol, jk (of course) 🙂 My parents actually took it pretty well. Even though they do give me crap about it occasionally. w/e… I’m resilient and I can’t even imagine eating meat anymore. It just sounds so repulsive to me!

Hope that was at least slightly entertaining. lol

My mother was a nurse. She said I would have anemia and my muscles would atrophy. She also said “So, you think you’re Gandhi now?”

She was also morbidly obese, had very bad eating habits, and would develop diabetes.

We argued a lot. I made sure I read a lot about it so I could argue back; my mother was very intelligent.

She finally gave up and said I was right. That was a big deal to me, because it was almost impossible to win an argument against my mother.

Now, I have been married to a Registered Dietitan for 16 years and we are both vegetarians.

My mother passed away in 2001. I really miss those arguments now.

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