What’s a man’s drink?

People always criticize guys for driving colorful, fruity cocktails, so besides beer what else can guys drink that’s not a lady’s drink?

I drink wine, and am comfortable enough with my mahood to not let it bother me if somebody has a problem with it.

Other manly drinks would be scotch, bourbon, shots of tequila. I guess as soon as you add a mixer in, it becomes less manly to some people.

Jack Daniels
Gentleman Jack
Jim Bean
Wild Turkey
Knob Creek
any absynthe

many times if it has some sort of fruit around the rim then this is fruity and girly or if this is colored purple then this is girly. a guy’s drink is in many cases an more desirable drink and seems and is provided in a manly equipment like a lager bottle. Or it relatively is provided in a mug in spite of if some liqueur is extra to it.

First of all you shouldn’t drink something that people think is cool what you should drink is what you enjoy the most if it’s lady’s drink then be it it’s not a big deal what you drink as long as you enjoy it

Now just for you knowledge men drinks are:


Jack and Coke
Whisk(e)y-on the rocks or neat

Single Malt Scotch!

Have an ale, Wanda

a jack and coke is a real man’s drink

irish car bomb (pint of guinness, 1/2 shot jameson irish whiskey, 1/2 shot bailey’s irish cream)

do shots like yeagerbombs and all that good stuff

rum or rye and coke
tequilla … du du du du du du du du…

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