Survey: Is there anyone in your life who you share a love-hate relationship with?

Who is it? For me it’s my hot gay guy-but-not-so-gay best friend. How about you?

I don’t really think I have anyone like that in my life.

Hey is that just one person or two…it’s late and I’m confused! lol

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I have a love, hate relationship with my ex-wife, Karen. I love her for giving me the happiest 5 years of my life, and giving birth to my son Aaron. But I hate her for what she did, and I hope she spends the rest of her life in prison for his death. My poor child, may he rest in peace.

Here is a list of people that I hate most of all:

1. Mrs. Barone ———- she was the ugly old cafeteria worker at Ridgefield Memorial High School in Ridgefield, New Jersey who snatched a paper plate from my hands when I tried to reach for it.

2. Mrs. Della Russo ———- she was the other ugly old cafeteria worker at Ridgefield Memorial High School in Ridgefield, New Jersey who snatched money from my hands.

3. The R.M.H.S. Cafeteria Manager ———- she snatched money from my hands too at Ridgefield Memorial High School in Ridgefield, New Jersey. Ugly Old Witch.

4. Susan Kranitz ———- she was once the camp counselor and Director of Tikvah at J.C.C. Day Camp of the Palisades. For some weird reason, she always kept hanging around me. She snapped at me and yelled at me numerous times. I hate her; what a nutjob and an ugly old witch that one was.

5. Adrienne ———- she became the camp counselor who called me a tattletale and yelled at me in front of the world. If I were a white girl that she is, she would never have yelled at me. She was so stupid because she thought I have forgiven. However, I never forgave her, because she, like the other white woman, Susan Kranitz, is an ugly old witch.

6. Mary Culvert ———- this ugly old black witch yelled at me in front of my mother, her ugly daughter, and her customers when I was a teenager. She yelled at me so loud that even my own beautiful mother was scared to stick up for me against that witch. No surprise, because she and my mother are best friends.

7. Sherman ———- this man is a bully because he threatened me and hit in front of the whole world. No surprise, he learned how to threathen me from one of his closest friends; my father.

8. Jennifer Meyer ———- I don’t care what she thinks of me; all I know is that she stole the one man that I would consider marrying and spending the rest of my life with in the world.

9. Tobey Maguire ———- this lying peck-squeak never ever knew how I felt about him until I mailed the messages and letters to him. Unfortunately, I was too late. It doesn’t matter anyway, because I will get myself an awesome job, maybe start a new business, and hopefully meet and marry a doctor who specializes in Surgery/General Surgery who will believe in me, love me, provide for me, and respect me; something that Mr. Tobey Maguire will NEVER EVER understand.

my 5 siblings, n six nieces n nephews. I’ve been an aunt since I was 5 so I grew up with them. Took care of them and yet they’re still like siblings.

My best friend. LOL… she’s kinda like the popular girl that everyone loves but can be a ***** sometimes.

No but I have a hate-hate relationship with my Brother, I hate him! He makes my life hell!

My ex-wife. Not so sure about the ‘love’ part, not really ‘hate’…well, maybe. I just know for damn sure Im much happier not living with her.

Most of the human race.

The mother in law. Yuck!

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