Sooo… Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich should be exciting, no?

This is a great match-up, and honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if Bayern Munich knocked Real Madrid out. Bayern Munich will be extra motivated because they will want to play home AND to my knowledge Real Madrid has to play Bayern Munich in Germany 2 days after they play Sporting de Gijon. Real Madrid are…

Madrid have more than enough squad depth and strength to handle such a fixture congestion. They have the deepest squad on the continent so I expect Mourinho to rotate and stretch his squad as much as possible to cover all of those complicated games and still keep key players fresh. Also, I’m not too worried about the encounter with Bayern because even-though they have a lethal combination of world class players in attack: their back four is largely comprised of average players that can be easily exploited by the incisive nature of Di Maria and Ozil. And also there’s the Ronaldo factor….

i am a real madrid fan and am hoping for a madrid win.the thing is that bayern can pull of a surprise so madrid has to be on tip top shape for the a assasination squad.they bombard every team with goals so i expect a goal loaded madrid and a physically threating bayern.i predict a 3-1 or 2-1 for real madrid.

Madrid cant be tired because of that, They have many good players on their squad and so Mou can adjust to not play his most experienced players but rather keep them for big matches to comes, So fatigue isnt a problem to Madrid.

I expect a tough match and i wouldnt be suprise is something bad happens to us, Last time we had to face Barca in 18 days and we falled to be victims, I hope this wont happen again since we have to face Barca during that week also.

It’s going to be an intense game, but Real Madrid has the potential to beat Bayern Munich.

Dang man i’m so excited!! 4 Monsters racing to the top but only one can make it. BARCA, CHELSEA, REAL and BAYERN!!!!! I personally want chelsea to win against barca just to see how they do against Real Madrid. Hopefully Real Madrid survives their first encounter. ^^

Bayern are a very strong team at home but I expect RM to progress but it will not be a cakewalk.

Bayern Munich are average and are overrated because they are the only prestigious Bundesliga club. Real Madrid is going to go through.

Yep. I can barely wait. April 17!!

Hala Madrid!

Yes, fantastic match-up, for me both teams have an equal chances as they are on the same level…. there’s no favourite in this tie…….

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