(Ramadan)?How long would you wait to have children after you are married?

I had my first child 3 years after I married and it wasnt up to me. it was up to Allah…
I have 2 now. Inshallah.. I will have what is allowed me to have ^_^

i got pregnant 3 years or so after marriage.
the first year we had no home of our own and were living with my sister, so thought it very unfair on her if i did get pregnant.
Plus we had to save up alot to buy our own home which we did after a year or so later.
Then we were practically skint cus we had used ALL our savings towards the house and whatever else we had went to other expenses.

For me, i needed that financial sense of security cus mid-way my husband lost his job and i was working…a mortgage costs ALOT!

So alhumdulillah by the time our 4th wedding anniversary came we already had our first baby 🙂

Like about 1 year or two…have a good relationship first!
But only one or two children..Insha’Allah.

wait till you KNOW you are ready to raise a little creature who cud one minute be an angel n the next minute b so GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
who will make u go awwwyyy awwwwyy awwwy in one minute n then after a little bit make u go GRRRRRRRRRRR u friggggggggggin lil RATTTTTTTTT

Abdul:lmao the questioner asked ‘children’ not sex sheesh u ppl r so out there

HAHAHAHAH ditto kiddo

Within a year
I love kids

I would say a year or two , just in case things don’t seem to be working out.

Why wait. Why delay the birth of amazing creatures who will have positive effect on other peoples lives.

that is crazy

If Allah (swt) Wills, then i would not wait.

2 years.. I don’t know, if/when I actually got married I could change my mind :\

[email protected] utbf, hormonal urges?
LOL, jk 😛

she says 2 yrs but condoms dont always work.

1 y max.

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