Poll: Buttered, Carmel or Cheese Popcorn?

Buttered popcorn for me, with hotsauce. I love the popcorn at the movie theaters. Yum!

oooh yummy…lol i love hot sauce on my popcorn…that ish is the bomb!!!

kettle corn is also good…buttery salty and sweeet



Buttered popcorn.

Buttered popcorn.

Movie theater popcorn for me, with TONS of butter!


Buttered, but with real butter, not the yellow stuff they have at the theatres. I’d rather watch a movie at home anyway. You can eat & drink anything you want, there are no cell phones going off or people talking……..

Caramel. But I do like movie popcorn dipped in Nacho Cheese. Try it sometime. It is surprisingly good!

Mmmmmm Carmel or Delicious, Artery clogging cheese!

Cheese popcorn is the best!

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