Obama won 83% of the black vote in Nevada. So why does the media act like it is up for grabs in S. Carolina?

Seems to me like they’re giving Clinton much more credit than she deserves.

Because that’s what the primaries are going to be about . . . hispanics and women pitted against blacks . . . there’s no way the media can say that without appearing racist so they don’t.

Edit: Hillary does well amongst older African Americans . . .

Well, I’m not entirely certain but it is a fact that S. Carolina was part of the Confederate States of America. You may get all indignent on me about that being a long time ago or me being racist, but its the truth. Racism is still strongest in the southern states. Even in bars and resturants if you want extra burnt toast they’ll call it Shermanized Toast on the meu; an allusion to Sherman’s March to the sea to essentially end the Civil War.

Comparing Nevada and S. Carolina? Apples and Oranges man. Not to say Obama won’t get it. But things are multilayered. You can’t just say there’s a high black population there so that must mean he’s going to win it…

I’m a proud registered republican, but I really hope Hillary wins against Obama.

We live in serious times and need a realistic plan for Iraq rather then the all out surrender Obama is supporting. Although I don’t believe the war should end at all.

what % of nevada voters are black? and as far as SC, i read about half of black voters prefer clinton, mainly the old guard. so if they split the SC vote and hillary gets the women and white and half of the hispanic, should would win very easily.

South Carolina may be southern, but it is far from simple from a social stand point. It will be fun to watch who votes for whom. I would say, however, there are no guarantees for anyone (dems) running.

It’s like a WWE match. They’re going for what sells. Don’t worry, The Undertaker (Clinton) will win. It’s been scripted for a while.

Not really sure they are saying its up for grabs. Most accounts I’ve read have SC going to Obama. As they should!

I am waiting for the dust to settle. Soon enough we’ll see who corporate America will declare the winners. Then we will have to vote for the choices that have been made for us.

Seems to me, people are again counting chickens before the eggs hatch. Isn’t it a little embarrassing when you wind up short a few chicks?

I agree.

Hillary is the media’s darling.

Obama will take South Carolina in a landslide.

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