My 3 year old keeps swearing!?

No matter what i do *consistantly* it wont work. he yells *you bitc* every time he gets mad! i know where he heard it from and im no longer around that person. but how can i get him to quit swearing and yelling! he is a good boy. when he wants to be. but boy can he be disrespectful! please help. ive tried putting…

Though we are well in to the new millennium, some people still believe the only way to make a child stop using profanity is by washing his mouth out with soap. While that approach may have stopped many kids from using bad language again, it also reinforces the negative behavior using another negative behavior. The adult actually has to attack a child to hold them down to put something so awful as soap or pepper in their mouth, which can be a fairly violent act. It is abusive and it violates that vital parent-child trust. Unfortunately, no matter what parents do, their children will eventually hear that cursing language from other kids. Some positive ways parents can respond when they hear swear words coming out of their child’s mouth:

Stay calm! Remember, as parent you are your child’s role model and it is your responsibility to set the standard.
Clue them in about the other kids. Explain to your child that other people use profanity and swearing, whether you want them to or not. Then stress that your family doesn’t believe in using bad language.

Remind them that words can hurt, too. Explain that swear words often hurt people’s feelings. Tell him or her that just as hitting or kicking can hurt people, words are equally effective weapons that can leave emotional bruises.

Image is everything. Talk with your child about how people look at a kid using foul language. Explain that when kids swear, it makes people think badly of them and gives them a poor reputation.

The most important thing you can do as a parent is praise them for doing the right thing. If bad language has become a problem and little Johnny actually catches himself and corrects himself before saying a bad word, be sure to tell him how proud you are of him. Positive reinforcement is the way to get more of the good behavior and less of the negative one.…

It can hurt people’s feelings
Try to explain how and why swearing can upset people – they might then realise that it’s not a nice way to behave.

Praise them
Praise can work so much better than a telling off. Every time you hear your child avoid using a swear word or behaving really well, tell them how proud you are are of them and how you’re so pleased that they are behaving properly.

Use consequences
If swearing is a persistent problem and all techniques haven’t worked then give them consequences each time they swear. Work backwards, for example, take off 20p from their pocket money every time they use bad language.

Speak to the school
If you speak to one of the teachers at school you might learn a new trick to deal with kids’ swearing, and you can adopt that technique at home. Or you might find that the school view swearing as a minor problem and so don’t bother paying too much attention to it.

Warn friends and relatives
If you’ve got guests coming over and you know that your child is going through a swearing phase warn your friends in advance – and try to encourage your child to not swear in front of your guests!

I wouldn’t try those methods — soap — that’s the old-style of doing it. At this age, they know they’re getting attention by doing it, so just ignore it. Once he knows he’s not getting a reaction from you, he’ll stop. Then, when’s he saying polite words, reward him & acknowledge it. “Good job for being polite!” Make a big deal out of the polite words & hopefully he’ll soon forget all about the bad words.

Tell him what kind of reward system you’re going to use: You can use stickers, or stamps. Or put a marble in a jar everytime he says a polite word. When he’s being impolite, take it out but don’t make a big deal out of it. Then when he gets a certain amount, tell him you’ll reward him w/ something & follow through with it.

If he still doesn’t change, sit down & explain that’s not polite, and that you will not tolerate it. Again, be firm but not irate & then do the reward system or take away something (favorite toy or game) if you need to make your point, but you actually have to do it. Don’t just say it & not follow through otherwise it’s not going to work.

I have a three yr historic baby and personally if he isn’t swearing then simply allow it pass, you dont desire to burden his trust everytime he speaks and also you dont desire him to develop up considering negatively approximately the whole thing. He is three years historic, he’s completely satisfied and blameless and he does not have an understanding of he’s pronouncing the incorrect factor. A baby does now not appear at matters the way in which we do. You are mostly demanding approximately what different individuals believe, good you should not! Its your baby and what he says is no person elses trade! His vocabulary will upgrade as he will get older however in his possess time, don’t rush him or pressurise him. Be confident, manipulate what he watches at the television, learn to him and converse with him quite often. Please do NOT be bad toward your baby by way of pronouncing to him “those phrases are ‘incorrect’ or ‘dangerous’ or something like that. Keep a confident angle, plenty of compliment and encouragement and simply be a well position mannequin, set well examples and quit over reacting at each little factor until its an acheivement then you’ll over react in a confident means, keep in mind plenty of praises.

You are giving his swearing far too much attention. It doesn’t matter how horrible the punishment is he will keep doing it if it clearly gets a rise out of you. Just ignore him when he swears, don’t worry about what others think. He will stop when he realises that swearing is boring and gets no attention.

oh..god!do you mean bitc*?iam so surprised!do ur husband or u use it?
my husband uses f word and my 2.5yr old almost learnt it…we stoped that word altogether and now he forgot…when he says it…u ay that u dont understand what he said and keep asking what he wanted…pretend its a total ununderstandable an say that there’s no word like ‘bitc#’.take carehe dosent learn anything else from now on

first) DO NOT get mad for any reason! clamly take his hand and put him in time out tell him that if he wants to use that word then he must want time out!
if he not good with time out take him and hold him in your arms! do not let go even if he kicks screams ect.
also get on his level and tell him that what he said is wrong and tell him daddy or who ever he looks up to is very upset with him for say that! but please do not get angry just calmly tell him what he did and why he is in time out and if he continues then keep him in time out 30 sec longer each time that day!

don’t acknowledge it when he says it ignore it he’ll stop in a few days if not try saying “you bench’ or similar sounding words he likes the attention he gets from you when he says it or disobeys the quiet time corner works well for this also

i agree with the time outs. the thing he wants is a reaction from you so if you remove him from the situation and ignore him (while he is bored to tears in a time out chair being ignored), it should work! here is a forum of mommies who may be able to help further (they have kids same age as yours)…

be tough on him and try to start giving him time outs. it takes al lot of work and patience but it will work! my daughter absolutely hates time outs. i tell her to stop what shes doing and if she doesnt stop she gets a 2 minute time out that is extended everytime she gets out and i have to put her back

well I would not be happy if my son said that but I think that putting soap in there mouths would help him considerally.

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