Is it ok to hit a dog to discipline it?

So i’ve had my dog for 12 years. she’s very amazing but spoiled. i married my husband 2 years ago and he’s had a lot of dogs in his life (his father was a breeder) tonight my dog didn’t want to let go of a ball and my husband squished her mouth really hard to try to let go. i got very angry that he…

That’s where teaching the dog “drop it” comes in handy. “squishing” her mouth will only make her leery of your husband and do nothing to train the dog.
Tell your husband to learn how to properly train the dog.

For that sort of thing-no and very rarely should you, if you don’t know how to correct a dog and harm it to correct it there is a good chance you will make the dog aggressive/fear aggressive.

If your dog doesn’t know drop it and you want it to let go of the ball, my trainer told me to do this- Put your finger in the dog’s mouth(behind the ball) and lightly press on the back of the dog’s tongue. It doesn’t harm them but does get them to release the ball.

Teaching the dog drop it would be a good place to start for training-You show a dog who is ‘boss’ by feeding it, exercising it, training it, etc.

I think it’s definitely not okay! I LOVE dogs and could never find myself slapping or hurting one intentionally in any way. It breaks my heart to see stray animals and animals that have been abused! This will make your dog afraid of your husband, or even mad and there are ways of showing the dog you’re above it in ways other that physical abuse. When I was nine, I got my first dog after begging my dad for one since I was around four years old. She was dropped off at the shelter we got her from in a cardboard box when it was pouring and we suspect she was abused because she acted terrified around people and it broke my heart and I NEVER want that to happen to another dog! Anyway, my family, except for my mom, and one of my friends went camping two weekends later and when we came back my dog died because of brain issues, and couldn’t even recognize my mom or walk correctly towards the end. I sobbed for weeks and am still sad about it. What’s worse, I found out about it when my dad said to my mom over the phone, ” Did you have to put her to sleep or did she just die?” When I get older, I will save and help as many animals as I can. Please stop your husband! Sorry for the long story put I feel very strongly about this and agree with you and your mom all the way.. </3

NEVER OKAY! My aunt got her dog from an animal shelter and she was so scared of people for 3 months before she even started to open up to people. When she was found she had a couple permanent welts meaning she was either slapped or hit with sticks. She gets so scared whenever she sees unfamiliar people. It’s better to offer her a treat and only give it to her after she drops the ball. It teaches her it’s good to give the ball back by positive reinforcement.

It is never OK to hit a dog. Your dog just got too overly excited and bit. Dogs bite when they play. It’s in their nature. It’s how they play with their litter mates. They use their mouths. Your dog just needs to learn how hard she can safely bite…When a puppy bites it’s litter mates too hard, the other puppy will let out a whine or yelp. That teaches the puppy that he is biting too hard. When your dog bites too hard, let out a little whine or yelping noise. She will instinctively know what that means and learn not to bite hard. It’s how I trained my dog. Hitting is never an option. All that does is to make your dog afraid of you and afraid of your hand.

I wouldn’t hit or do anything violent to your dog that would just make them scared of you. Your dog would probably do whatever they wanted to do behind your back. But, if your dog bites someone grab their mouth really tight (but don’t hurt them) and once he/she starts whining, let go. Put out your hand out. If they bite it then, do that step over again. But, if he/she licks your hand praise them, and maybe give them a treat. (:

yes when i was younger i used to get the axe and every time my dog acted up i would chop a bit of its tail off. 3yrs later my dog is in shows and is very well trained and is now becoming a police dog

when you are playing with a dog don’t hit it.
when the dog is disobeying don’t hit it
when the dog is threatening someone/thing smack it just hard enough to give a little warning
when the dog is attacking or has bit smack it

This is an occasion in my mind where it would be OK to hit your husband but don’t take my advice.

No. He can assert his authority with his demeanor and not his fists.

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