Is every woman over like 18 a mother? it seems like they all have kids.and usually by different fathers?

This is what too much sexual freedom leads too. i dont understand why girls cant keep there legs closed. kids at their age just means no child support, and going to school wile being a “full-time” mom. i dont know why its so commonplace for women now to have 1, 2, or 3 kids while still in college or a…

In January, on the Tyra Banks Show, they had a study that showed 20% of sexually active girls, over the age of 12, are TRY TO GET PREGNANT.

Well you have to understand, teens are under alot of pressure these days. My mom didn’t get married until she was 30, my dads 30. My mom had me at 33. My parents are STILL married. I’m sorry, but not all people have kids at 20. Alot of people do, but not all people. My parents are also HAPPILY married. The doctors made my mom have a Spinal biffida, which offended her, they said since she was older, she had to get tons of tests. Just because my mom wasn’t 22 when she had me, and that she doesn’t 5 baby daddy’s, doesn’t mean she’s too old to have a baby. My mom married my dad in 1994, and had me in 1997, the waited until they had stable jobs to have me, they wanted a good life for their baby. And I appreciate that. All the kids at my school: their parents is around 20 or late 20’s. So remember, not all women in the world are hookers. There are strong women, who are willing to wait. My mother was a virgin until she got married. Unbelievable? Believe it!

-Hope I answered your question!(:


Unfortunately it is commonplace, and always more than often it is the female who is branded, perhaps rightly so but then the male should learn too to keep it in his pants.
Some kids want to have children young

i blame the incredibly forgiving governement.

Government: Ahhh you got pregnant at 17 years old and thats only your fault,
buts it ok ill get the tax payers money to pay all your bills!!! <3333

just as much the guy’s fault as girls.

not all of them are moms

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