I’m looking for free boxer puppies in Florida!!!!?

My boxer reasontly died and my parents said that I can get another one if I could find one
1. In Florida ( prefiribly 2 hours at farthest from st. Augustine
2. Free completely
Thank you
Oh and tell me mabe if u know some one about to have some
3. Born in 2012

If you are really wanting a puppy go to your local humane society or pound and find a nice puppy or young dog to bring home. You don’t need a pure bred dog…if you went to the pounds and so on you may even find a pure bred or a mixed that has boxer influences if you like that look. They will charge adoption fees generally. But honestly if you cannot afford the adoption fees…then you won’t be able to afford all the costs later in the relationship. Dogs get very expensive.
You live in Florida…
*Yearly Heart Worm Test -$40
*Hear worm Prevention Medicine (year around)-$80-$90
*Not counting puppy shots
*Booster vaccination like rabies, distemper/parvo…it adds up!!

Free Boxer Puppies In Florida

I agree with the first answer how do you expect to pay for its medical and food issues if you cant pay for the dog!

I am sure you wont find a completely free pure bred boxer…I mean I bet you can if you know someone you has puppies of them but come on, really.

Use petfinder.com or craigslist.com

How old are you anyways I mean you sound like 9

Puppies need a food, vaccination, housetraining, chew toys…must I go on? There’s no such thing as a free puppy, or a free pet at all for that matter. They are a huge commitment in both time and money, and that’s not something to be taken lightly.

Sorry yet your no longer likely to get a “loose” canine. in spite of the shown fact that, you will get one at a lower priced. inspect the shelters close to you on the internet, and discover the breed you’re searching for for. pass all the way down to the guard and %. him up. you could have saved money and a canines existence. yet remember, you will nonetheless ought to pay for nutrition and vet charges!

Craigslist 😀
My boxer died reasontly too. 🙁 She got put to sleep cause of a brain tumor.
But if you get a boxer and its a girl can you name it Buttons ? 😀 My new dog don’t look like a Buttons.
🙁 Lol

If you cannot afford to pay for a animal you cannot afford to feed it or take it to a vet.

Why don’t you just get a nice pet Rock they are free and you can afford it!

your parents told you this, because they know that you will NOT find a purebred boxer puppy for free.

maybe a boxer mix, but not a purebred.

If you can’t pay for a dog, you can’t pay for the vets or supplies

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