I really messed up my life……do i even deserve to live anymore?

Ok, this is like a confession, but im asking for help. I faked that i was pregnant, not much i know, but this confession is going to be long and please answer and help me. I told a few people that i was pregnant, i am not. they belived me, i am pregnant from a 15 year old that i dated, the 15 year old doesnt exist….

Don’t even consider suicide. Tell everyone you told that you thought you were but it turns out it was a false positive. Really… dont even consider suicide. You ARE worth living. Everyone is. My cousin did the same thing. She told our whole family she was pregnant and then the doc said she never was. It all blew over. But just tell them that. False Positive.

Telling the truth is not awful. Hiding the truth and fearing the consequences is the awful part. Once you come clean to the people you lied to, you will feel a great sense of relief because you will be honoring yourself and honoring the truth. When you tell them, just say that you’re not sure why you did it and maybe it was to get attention.

You do deserve to life. You’ve learned how awful lying can feel, so you won’t be doing that anymore. That’s what life is all about. Learning and growing and doing better next time. Life is also about seeking joy. So, get this behind you by telling the truth and put your energy toward seeking that joy.

If you feel you might be struggling with depression there is a site you can go to (mine) to check it out. However, with that said, please remember that you are so young. I know you don’t feel that way but 20 y.o. is very young and not an age where you have life figured out! Figuring your life out is a never ending life task. The challenge is believing in yourself. Believing that anything is possible for you. You just have to tap into that amazing person that you really are, know that your dreams really can come true and that your destiny is in your own hands. It is never too late to make positive changes in your life. It is never too late to follow your dreams and to make your life all that you want it to be. Breathe….. feel it in your heart and know that anything is possible. Don’t give anyone else the power to make you feel bad about yourself because you are amazing! Empower yourself to find the courage to face the pain, push through it and get to the other side! You can do it!!!! All the best!

omgggg girl!!!
what you want is to not be found out, for that you need acting skill, make up a good story and stick to it something about you losing the baby and not knowing where the guy is or be a nice girl and tell the truth one thing i know for sure a lie will lead to another so think well before you do, DON’T THINK ABOUT KILLING yourself this is nothing worth killing anything TRY NOT TO MAKE UP LIES.

Tell them you told your parent so they took you to the doctor, then they said that your babys not alive, and your parents said that you or your friends can never speak of it again… why would you lie about thqat though, and if you did why would you kill yourself over it?

Is there a reason you lied? or did you just do it cuz you thought thought it would be funny?

Sounds pretty stupid to me…

just say ‘April Fools’ or just say you were just joking with them.

its simple, just say you thought you were, but you took a pregnancy test, and it said you arent. problem solved.

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