I live by a bunch of Bears fans…Could you see any scenario where they win the NFC North?

I’m so tired of hearing about how “tough” the Bears are gonna be this year

Ehh, I don`t know really. I`m doubting it. I`ll put money on Greenbay or Minnesota winning it, even though it`s predictable. I don`t see the Bears getting their act together that quick.

Speaking as a Bears fan, I can honestly say I personally don’t see a way we can win the division. Even if Brett doesn’t come back, we still have to deal with the Packers. I’m not saying we don’t have a chance. We definitely have the potential to take the crown. Da Bears are a moody team. For example, in week 1 last year, we came out ready and had a neck and neck battle with the Packers. However, during the losing streak, the Pack handed their asses to them. Also during that losing streak, the Vikings blew the Bears out. But in week 16, with revenge on their minds, the Bears put on a clinic and beat the Vikings. The Bears can be good, but they’re inconsistent. So taking the NFC North doesn’t rely on the Bears’ talent as much as it does their state of mind.

The scenario that I envision for that to happen is if the 2010 season is played to its conclusion. Also, If Brian Urlacher plays hard and ends his petty jealousy of Jay Cutler. Cutler is now the face of the Bears. Urlacher has been behaving like a prissy little school girl. Time to cowboy up Brian-or retire. The Bears will be the talk of the NFL under the direction of Martz and Cutler. Yes, I’ve been a Bears fan since 1969-when the Bears were 1 and 13. The Packers don’t impress me. The coach of the Vikings is a fool-why would anyone be beholden to an aging Brett Favre? Childress will be fired after the next season. Tavaris Jackson should have started for the Vikings last season. The Vikings are the dumbest franchise in the NFL. The Lions have made tremendous strides-they will be contenders in short order. I really feel that Urlacher has been disloyal to the Bears and to Cutler in particular. Urlacher was good in his prime-but he was no Dick Butkus, no Mike Singletary, nor no Wilbur Marshall-so shut the heck up Urlacher and play ball if you still can. The Bears will win the NFC North in 2010-I have no doubt.

In Cutlers second year in that Division? no way. He doesnt know the NFC North Defenses well enough yet. plus he needs a real WR. They may be 3-3 against division opponents but that’s only cause the lions arent hard to beat. Maybe in 2011 when Favre is Retired. If that happens the division is wide open. The packers offense will start to decline. trust be, Aaron Rodgers is no Brett Favre. He wont last getting hit like Brett did

Yes, the Bears MAY win the NFC north if Favre, AP, Charles Woodson, Aaron Rodgers, Greg Jennings, AJ Hawk, Pat Williams, EJ Henderson and Jared Allen all decided to book a private flight to Vegas and the plane crashed, leaving no survivors.

Otherwise, no. Bears finish 3rd again.

They are definitely a threat in the North, no denying that, but it does lie on Jay Cutlers shoulders right now. I know Bear fans are a little excited and cocky and you can’t really blame them. I would be to if the Packers just got Julius Peppers. However until Cutler proves he is a good enough QB, they are always going to be third best behind Green Bay and Minnesota.

as a bears fan we would like to think that this is our year, same as every other year. Honestly as a bears fan I don’t think we are ready to take the NFC north. I think the packers will take the NFC north this year and the lions seem more improved so expect them to get a few more wins.

No, the bears biggest issue is their lack of an offensive line.
They can all say that Jake Cutler isn’t a playoff quarterback but neither is Payton Manning if he is running for his life and doesn’t have time to set his feet and throw.
The running game suffers from the lack of a passing game and a good offensive line would solve their problems.
They need to use their draft picks on O-line
…Wait they don’t have any picks because they gave them all up for Cutler

I live in Denver and I saw Cutler play here for 2 years……he has potential but he also had much more talen around him when he was in Denver. Now, he’s trying to force everything just to make something happen because of lack of talent so he throws too many picks. If the Bears can get at least one great reciever and a great tight end and a steady running game they might have a chance…..however, I don’t see that happening any time soon.

Plus their defense isn’t what it used to be.

Yes, let me set the scene for you: Bears win more games than the other division opponents. and there you go, a scenario where they win the NFC North

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