HELP!! My 6 month old puppy like to rip up kelenx and toliet paper?

We have a 6 month old bugg (Boston terrier/ pug) he has been a wonderful puppy. He never cheese on anything or gets into anything while we aren’t paying attention. Lately his new thing is to go in the Kleenex box and rip/eat then. We have to keep our bathroom door shut because of it. This is the only bad…

Just keep the door closed . Its a puppy and of course will chew any thing if it gets the opportunity .
Give her better alternatives to chew on and keep her busy so she doesn’t look for other things to chew

Yeah it does just sound like he is being a little energetic puppy, and as for the humping thing he should get over it, i have a 6 month spaniel and he humps his things also its just a phase. As for the “aggression” if he does nip alittle hard then my advice is to yelp, its how puppys in the litter tell each other that it hurts and most of the time it works, the puppy will stop and look at you with those big sorry eyes. If this doesn’t work and you find that your high pitched screams make him more excitable then simply turn your back to your puppy and ignore, it wont take him long to figure out you’ve become very boring and toddle off. Your puppy will grow out of this boisterous stage as he ages, so dont worry to much 🙂

Honestly, the easiest thing to do would be to make sure you put those things up where he can’t get to them, especially when you’re not around as you cannot redirect him.

If you’re there and he goes for them, make a louder noise or something to distract the puppy and then redirect him to something appropriate to chew on.

Every time he doing it slap his face and said (NO) In firm voice and keep doing it a few time it will do the trick

untrained, unsupervisied puppy
either keep away or supervise

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