Had unprotected Gay Anal Sex. Should I get PEP! [Post Exposure Prophylaxis] HIV!?

I had unprotected Anal Sex. I am 18 and Gay.
I don’t know of his status. He said he was clean and did not have sex for several months.
He came/ejaculated in me.
He was like 30.

I had sex 30 hours ago, we had sex around 4am on Jun 2.

Should I get PEP?! Please answer! This is urgent!

Nah, gay guys do that all the time. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Heres the thing.
You should get the test, but a lot HIV antibodies dont show up until after 6 months of when you had sex. So you would have to wait 6 months.

Best thing is to answer these questions
Does he have HIV or a chance of having it? Just ask him
Do you remember any bleeding during the sex? If you bleed and had an open wound while he was in you that raises your chance of having it

Yes, yes, yes. Head to an ER NOW. The longer you delay treatment, the higher your risk of contracting HIV if your partner was HIV+. In the future, use common sense and condoms.

It can’t hurt to get tested. Not just for HIV but for other STDs as well.

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you this but don’t have unprotected sex with people you don’t know well and trust. Stay safe.

You should get tested. It couldn’t hurt and ya random sex isn’t a very good idea if you intend to stay clean

Jun 2 was more than 6months ago! You can get your self tested to see if you’re infected.

not to be offensive, but if you have hiv at this point its a little late…a bit of latex and lube goes a looooooooooooooooooooooooong way

no doctor will ever give PEP for this type of situation

it can’t hurt, worst case scenario you are clean and wasted your time, not a bad price to pay to know you don’t have an STI.

Um duh! Like as soon as possible. And why are you having unprotected sex in the first place and you’re only 18. oh emm gee.

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