Does Major League Baseball need to have more precautions for fans near the railings of games?

It seems like I’ve seen dozens of cases where a fan falls off of one of the high railings at a ballgame, and recently a few deaths.

For those of you that haven’t seen it:

I know that they raised the railings a bit, but isn’t there more…

yeah i just asked this question check it out . it has the youtube link in it

so tragic

oh yeah bro sorry for talking sh!t to u before, i know i get carried away with my big mouth

Yeah safety should always come first, but some fans will argue that if the railings are raised, it could obstruct their view of the game when they are seated. But there has be something done to prevent these accidents. Because during the games, a ball comes your way, you react and sometimes other fans will react too and thats a lot of bodies going up at the same time and such a short barrier.

I feel sorry for everyone invovled and the victim’s family and especially his son.

i think of human beings could attend the two – if attainable. I stay close to the stadium the place the Cardinals and Marlins have spring coaching and that they actually %. them in for 4 weeks each and every spring. for the period of something of summer season we’ve the Florida State League with the class A Jupiter Hammerheads and Palm coastline Cardinals – regrettably, they are not getting lots of a turnout which makes me unhappy for the gamers. They artwork no longer undemanding available interior the nice and cozy Florida sunlight and deserve some cheering followers. The cost tag cost is a lot decrease and you nonetheless get to verify great baseball and great up and coming gamers.

Just put the stupid fans in caged areas. Ex) Philadelphia***, New York, Boston, Texas, and Chicago Cubs fans.

I would say yes upgrades for safety has to happen otherwise more Incidents will happen trust me they will fix the problem I know something will happen sad night to see this happen.

No. you should be smart enough to know if the ball is in your reach or not. Its common sense.

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