Do people rate your answers with more thumbs up or thumbs down?

I lost six points recently so I’m guessing some people recently put thumbs down to my answers.

I myself put a lot more thumbs up than thumbs down.

So do people rate your answers with more thumbs up or thumbs down?

thumbs down

they don’t take point from you for getting thumbs down.
I rate all the answers depending on what I think about the answer but I have never counted how many thumbs up or down.

Thumbs down, =/

sure i do fee solutions I fee solutions continually, thumbs up if i consider the consumer or if the shoppers answer is great yet i disagree, i nevertheless supply him thumbs up thumbs down; to trolls, or an answer which sucks and that i disagree with WQ: Randy Orton will stay WWE champion, till Triple H returns. i’m guessing that Triple H will return at SummerSlam and could defeat Randy Orton @ SS RKO >>>>> Triple H – STARRED

Actually I have not bothered to track this. I answer honestly and to the best of my capability and knowledge.
Next time I am gonna give thumbs up to you. Promise

Thumbs up sometimes if I kiss a.s.s. But most of the time, I’m honest, so I get lots of thumbs down.

By the way, all you people are b.!.t.c.h.e.s.

I never knew you lose points from thumbs downs…

Thumbs down. Nobody has love for the hippies :*(

Thumbs down. Because of my avatar maybe. EYE DEE KAY

..If you want world peace, give me a thumbs up.

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