Do liberals love or hate whistle-blowers, I am confused?

Hollywood, the liberal media and all the minions of the far left, worshiped and honored whistle-blowers, even made movies to praise them- Julia “horse-mouth” Roberts played Erin Brockervich, “All the President’s men”, Joseph Wilson, Karen Silkwood & certainly a movie worshiping Julian…

Only in the “evil” private sector do they care about them.

To them, there can’t be a reason for a whistleblower to exist in Obama’s all knowing, all caring, all loving administration.

It all relies on the goal for liberals to love “whistle blowing”, if it helps the US to achieve socialism its “Gods work” if it exposes socialism for being hypocritical, it approach nothing. The same persons who “tarred and feathered” Bob Packwood for long-term sexual harassment within the workplace, brushed aside invoice Clintons worse abuse as just a BJ? For liberals, incorrect doing is measured strictly via whether it helps or hurts their political ambition. No longer all fallacious doing is incorrect. Must or not it’s a surprise that civil rights have been corrupted the equal means? As a substitute of following Dr King’s message to heal wound, forgive and convey the races collectively-alternatively, liberals and their media help race baiters who incite racial hatred, to attain energy and create the perception that we nonetheless want liberals after all the civil rights legal guidelines had been changed. HHhhhmmmm…. The pattern is the identical for the duration of every part of liberals and their reasons, as a rule speaking liberals created and follow political correctness, to make a double general, where good and unhealthy depends upon whether it promotes or harms liberals and their rationale- socialism.

Gregory Hicks isn’t a whistleblower. He has given his testimony three times prior to the republican congressional investigation. Republicans don’t realize that we have already had 20 hearings on Benghazi, all of which found no fault with the administration or Hillary Clinton.
Hicks has an opinion. He wasn’t on the ground in Benghazi and doesn’t understand that his desire to rescue people doesn’t mean that it’s feasible for him to do so. There was no refueling jet in the region, he didnt have clearance to land, he didnt have vehicles or weapons on the ground….even if he could have gotten there in time, and he admits that he probably couldn’t have. His career wasn’t ruined. He’s still employed with the state department. He alleged that he wasn’t given a promotion that he wanted, but there is no evidence that he was qualified for said promotion and also no evidence that he was denied said promotion because of his congressional testimony.

Liberals know as much as a box of rocks..
The Liberal ideology is a theory , fostered by a delusional, illogical minority and which holds forth beliefs that have no basis in reality.


It all depends on who they are blowing the whistle on.

the corporate media has not focused on the gop-doctored emails

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