Did you vote for Obama because you knew where he stood on issues or just because everyone else voted for him?

I’m a fiscal conservative/social liberal.

My party these days is the Democrats because their tent is large enough to accommodate people who don’t really care much if you’re religious or not, doesn’t bug them if you’re gay and want to get married, thinks pot should be legalized, thinks we should do a better job of using our military instead of completely exhausting it. You can be a Democrat now and be corporate-friendly. You can also be a Democrat now who is fiscally conservative.

I would have felt at home in the GOP of Goldwater, Eisenhower, maybe even a Reagan Democrat, but these days I just feel like the GOP is overrun with it’s fanatics who don’t really know anything. They just shout the loudest about everything no matter how ignorant they are and they get all the attention and then the story gets told through their perspective instead of reflecting what reality is. Like how in today’s GOP, they just keep repeating the lie that tax cuts somehow create jobs, fix deficits while paying for themselves. Jon Kyl was one of the leading members on freezing or doing away with earmarks, and now he’s one of those saying “well, uh, not all earmarks are bad” after scoring a $200 million dollar one less than 3 days after making the promise to freeze them.

It’s the hypocrisy of the GOP. At least the Democrats tell you upfront that hey, this is going to cost a lot of money and p*iss us off in the short term, but we’re investing it in us. Over 100 Republicans who voted against the stimulus showed up at the ribbon-cutting ceremonies for jobs created by it.

If today’s conservatives had a track record of fiscal responsibility, a more non-intervention based foreign policy, and a greater libertarian streak on social issues, I’d listen and give conservative candidates all my attention. They don’t get my full attention anymore because they’re way too happy hating this President instead of actually just working with him so that they can share the credit and keep the country moving forward.

President Obama has passed more legislation in 2 years than in the entire Bush presidency. Over 800,000 private sector jobs this year. That already beats Bush’s 8 years of job stagnation. Obama has a more fiscally conservative tax approach than the GOP. Yes, I’d like to see taxes lowered for everyone, but I feel that can only be done when we can actually afford it. I think asking the top two brackets to go back up to where they were at the end of the Clinton years is a very small sacrifice that means a whole lot to this country right now.

President Obama is exactly what I was hoping he would be, which is an efficient consensus-builder who stays away from fights (to his downfall) in order to nibble away at small bits of progress on the multitude of serious issues that were thrown at him from day one. Through the whole thing he’s kept his cool. The student loan overhaul was a huge achievement. Credit card bill of rights is good. Wall St reform could have been even tougher, but he put an important regulation in saying that the public is no longer responsible for future bailouts (something that the GOP actually wants to repeal).

He has done the right thing by ending combat missions in Iraq. He’s doing the responsible thing in Afghanistan even though I’d like him to hurry it up.

On health care the history books will show that he came right up the middle and got a little bit for everyone: more customers for the private insurers, better benefits for the people and tougher regulations on the insurers. He kept health care private by doing what Dolecare would have done in the 90’s. He took the public option off the table and sought consensus every step of the way instead.

For that I give him credit. On just about every front, he’s either stabilized things that were about to completely collapse, or he has helped to turn these things around, like with GM, who are now turning huge profits. In fact, in the third quarter, corporate America raked in $1.6 trillion, a record haul.

Obama has energy and smarts, can multi-task from one issue to the next, and does a great job of bridging the gap between where he actually stands on something versus what the situation in the real world actually is, and that’s something Bush was seriously not good at that Obama is.

I read all of his books and knew where he stood on all the issues and made a very informed decision when I voted for our current and wonderful President Barack Obama! I voted for our esteemed President Barack Obama both in the primary and general election because I felt from the very beginning and still do that he was/is the best person for the job! He’s cleaning up $arah anything-for-a-buck “The Punditz” Palin and John “McSame” McCain’s com’patriot’ “W”aste Product’s mess from his eight-year debacle of an administration quite nicely and I will vote for him again in 2012, if he chooses to run, to continue his great works, rebuilding America back to where it was before the Republican’ts nearly destroyed it!

I voted for him for a number of reasons.

1.) I can’t stand the Republican platform

2.) I disagreed with fewer of his beliefs about the issues than anyone else’s. Notice I did not say that I agreed with him across the board..

3.) I felt that it was time that our country elected a President who showed the rest of the world that there is more than one ethnic group that makes up our population.

4.) I was voting against the possibility that Sarah Palin might poison John McCain and end up running our country.

I voted for Obama because I agreed with where he stands on issues.

I didn’t vote for him because I knew where he stood on issues.

I voted for Obama because of his stance on the issues….this country would not have survive four more years of Bush…which is exactly what McCain would have been.

I voted for him because McCain had the bad judgment to choose Palin as a running mate, she should not be one heart beat for the Presidency, she she should not be in the same room as the Presidency.

I voted for him because he was far and away the best candidate.

I voted for McCain.

No, it was becaus McCain was basically a re-incarnation of Bush.

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