CHRISTIANS, who are you voting for? ?

What are your opinions on these issues:

Gay Marriage
War in Iraq
Illegal Immigration
Health Care
2nd Amendment

If there are any others, please bring them up. Thanks!! Just asking for your opinion 🙂

I am totally against abortion,life starts at conception and It is wrong and should be illegal to kill a baby!I am also against gays and gay marriages,it is a sin and is wrong for 2 people of the same sex to get married or be together!I am totally for the war,if we weren’t in Iraq right now,they would be over here with bombs and it would be like 911 all over again!I am also against illegal immigration and don’t think it’s fair for us to have to pay taxes and for them to get through without having to get their money deducted like us.If they wanna live with us then they should live like us.But I do sorta understand y they would come over here, butI still dont agree with it.As for the health care i disagree with it too!Why should the hard working american that already has to struggle with their money and stuff have to pay more than what we already have to pay for taxes so that everybody can have health insureance,people work their butts off and then should have to go give it all to the government?NO!also the small buisinesses aren’t going to be able to stay open if they have to pay for the insurance for other people,its not our responsibility to take care of other people.The second ammendment says that all americans have the right to bear arms and I agree, if we need protection then I think we have the right to a weapon to defend ourselves.My parents are voting for mccain but I cant cause im only 13 but I hope my opinion helped.

Here is the problem. We as Christians spend so much time focused on issues related what people do wrong but fail to get out a minister the Gospel. Salvation of the lost would address most of the list above.

Abortion – Limiting fornication and changing the view of sex as a Holy experience and loving those with the love of the Lord when they do make mistakes would reduce abortions.

Gay Marriage – Salvation of the lost… We need to love those who are misguided as well as stand for what is right.

War in Iraq – We just need a sound objective. Why are we there now? Peacekeepers, fighting Al Queda? Who knows.

Health Care – We need to approach these issues in love. Jesus said the the most important commandment is to “love our neighbor as we love ourselves”.

Illegal Immigration – The fact is that it is Illegal to be in this country without permission. If I stole a person’s identity, I would go to jail, it should be no different for those who are illegal.

We can’t look to issues to choose a President, we need to pray and seek the Lord for our choice. Only God knows the heart of man and those who truly hear their voice. Let the Holy Spirit guide your choice.

Abortion: Its a woman’s prerogative up to the second trimester.

Gay Marriage: How can anyone be against this? It isnt a religious demand, its a legal demand.

War in Iraq: We are killing those people for WHAT reason? Doesn’t love they neighbor strongly imply Dont Kill Them?

Illegal Immigration: The money we’re losing should be taken out of the Bush’s private funds till depleted

Health Care: Bring the costs down so we dont NEED socialized medicine

2nd Amendment: Sure – let people apply for the right to purchase guns. After a thorough background check, sell them rifles. No handguns, no assault weapons, no automatic weapons

I’m voting for the other consistent Christian, of course

–and its NOT McCain.

But any person who believes God is real and follows his law to the letter and not just to benefit him or people who look like him, would have my vote. Christian, Muslim, Catholic, Roman, are ALL God’s children.

Abortion is a woman’s choice–we do not know her circumstances, and to pass judgment on her would be a sin. Read the Bible

Gay Marriage is none of my business. I don’t want to hear what heterosexuals do in the dark. And how does gay marriage pay my bills or feed my family? Doesn’t? Why is it a topic. Besides, Christians are taught to hate the sin, but LOVE the sinner. To pass judgment would be a sin…again

War in Iraq is an invasion that will come back to haunt us. We let Bush run crazy and now the next generation is in danger unless we elect a leader who uses his words and not his fighting power. Christians are taught that one, too

Illegal Immigration–America is not consistent with European immigrants…right?

Health Care–Need a better system. Christians are taught to take care of each other

2nd Amendment–sure, why not?

It depends. If the non-Christian candidate’s platform was agreeable to the Christian voter, then maybe. You must also look at which religion the candidate is. A Mormon or a Jew has a definite chance *Mitt Romney anyone*. After 9/11 a Muslim would never be voted into office and after watching and hearing mainstream Scientologists *Tom Cruise*, people would be afraid to elect a Scientologist.

bob barr

abortion – i dont think any one has the right to legislate against it. however, im against abortion and I think it is morally wrong. the only place that i deviat on this is when it comes to partial birth abortions. I honestly cannot fathom why anyone could support that and do believe that should be illegal.

Gay Marriage – we need to de legislate marriage as a whole. let churches deal with marriage. let the government do civil unions. i think that the idea that marriage is legislated at all violates the seperation of church and state since it is a religious ceromony.

war in iraq – i was against it in the beginning, but now that we are there we need to stay for as long as it takes. we have a moral obligation to these people

illegal immigration – against it – all of it

health care – we have many rights in america, but health care is not and should not be one of them.

2nd amendment – we ought to be able to own anything short of a tank

Who can we vote for? No one fits the a description of a christian in politics.

Abortion- Don’t support it, supposedly it’s taking a life so that would be murder which is sin.

Gay Marriage- God calls it a abomination and Paul says, Abusers of mankind will not enter heaven. See Leviticus, it cleary says, If a man lies with another man as he does a woman it’s abonination. God had people stoned for this so I think we can say he didn’t approve.

War in Iraq – I was for the whole WMD idea but now that I see there is no WMD I don’t support it. Yes, I think it’s great we removed Saddam who himself killed many but it’s still just causing to much death to be justified. So I don’t know what to do about this problem. I’ll leave it in Gods hands.

Illegal Immigration – The Bible dose say we are to follow the rules of the land, however in Acts you see that Peter and John say “Gods laws are more important then laws man” when orderd to stop preaching about Jesus. Therefore I believe it is improtant to help those who are truely trying to better their lives and not help those who are just trying to take advantage of the system.

Health Care- Probably will result in a new tax. This would be fine if congress would honnor their promise to remove pervious taxes(example: Property Taxes). So I don’t support it but I do think that eveyone should be inttitled to medical support if need in a life or death situation.

2nd Amendment – Guns are good for hunting but can be used for killing. So depending on how you use it I think it can be a sin. But God has gave us the right to eat animals in the book Genesis. This is also confrimed in the Jewish laws in Leviticus, even though we are not bound by the law it’s still important cause it shows God does allow it.

A lot of people want to say how Jesus is so loving and caring, which that he is. However, when he comes back it isn’t to save but to JUDGE so you better get your A-Game on and start doing the right thing. We all have to stand before the Judgement Seat of Christ so I suggest you start reading your Bible and doing as instructed.

i’m voting for mccain

abortion: an opinion on the matter is NOT above my ‘pay grade’, and there is a SERIOUS problem when 40 million babies are aborted largely as a ‘birth control choice’

gay marriage: sorry, i’m already in a ‘straight’ marriage…if two adults want to make arrangements regarding survivorship, division of property, power of attorney, medical issues, health insurance, etc, i don’t think the state needs to interfere

war in iraq: let’s get out, once the job is done

illegal immigration: we need to get control of our borders

health care: needs improvement, but i don’t think that socialized medicine is the way to go

2nd amendment-strongly support; those who use firearms to commit crimes must be made to pay for what they have done

Abortion it shall be a woman’s choice McCain wants to build prisons to house woman who have abortion, I don’t think that’s right.

Gay Marriage Why Not

Illegal Immigration No one running plans to anything about it

Health Care a single payer system just like Medicare is for seniors, but for everyone

2nd Amendment I believe even young children should be allowed to bring loaded guns to school

I believe McCain is an oportunist and has no clue what is happening with the average American. His wife pees her pants, and why is no one talking about that lately.

I’m a Christian (very sincerely so) and Obama/Biden has my vote.

Abortion – should not be illegal.
Gay Marriage – should not be illegal. same rights as hetero couples.
War in Iraq – an abomination, we should never have gone and we need to leave.
Illegal Immigration – I’m with Obama on his stance.
Health Care – With Obama on this stance.
2nd Amendment – I support this fully, even though I hate guns with every fiber in my body.

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