Can wireless devices slow down wireless internet connection?

My asshole room mate said that wireless devices such as mice or keyboards can slow down the routers internet bandwidth or something. I said I didn’t believe that and he said I was wrong, in a very douche-baggy tone. It wouldn’t have bothered me otherwise, but is he right about that? Or what could he have…

Hang on everyone, the answer “can be” yes if by “wifi” you mean a wireless router signal and “bandwidth” is what your laptop gets from the router. I have a wireless mouse that uses 2.4Ghz, the same as my wifi. Technically, they could interfere with each other. A 2.4Ghz cordless phone would be the same problem…
The issue is what band things run on. If you have enough devices running all in the same band, you will get interference, but how much depends on the “other” devices, and what “logic” they use. A cordless phone may pulse once a second, for short periods of time, not affecting the wifi, but when a call is ongoing, the interference could be more….
It is very hard to measure the amount of interference just by “device”. One method to test, is to run a speedtest ( several times without any other wireless device around, and see what the average is. Then, turn on all the other wireless devices, and run the same speed test several times, and compare averages. You may have to do this for a few days in a row, to rule out other random factors. The difference may be small (1-10% slower), or significant…

But yes, I could set up a microwave oven, running at 2.4Ghz, near your router/PC, turn it on for 10 minutes to heat a bowl of water, and I could almost guarantee your wireless would be “dead”. Any RF (radio) device can interfere with others in the same band.

Changing bands, the effect does away for the most part (ruling out harmonics or “dirty” RF)

In real life, the effects are usually small because other devices, like mice, send very little traffic. Thus the interference is minimal. But it is there…

He’s wrong. Wireless devices like phones, mice, keyboards, remote controls, etc. use very explicit assigned frequency bands and they don’t overlap.

Your WiFi band is just the same. Nobody shares it.

More than one WiFi device connecting to your network will slow it down – as you would expect – but other than that, it’s fine.

So, again, he’s wrong.

you can say that all you want, but I was trying to get on the internet and literally as soon as I unplugged my mouse my internet went full speed. My connection display hasn’t changed, but since that I haven’t once lost connection or had slow internet stop being so close minded, be open to all possibilities, you guys might all be wrong.

Your friend is wrong, they operate on completely different frequencies; there’s a lot of bandwidth in this world.

In perspective, it’s like saying using a mobile phone would mess with the microwave.

Nope. Wireless keyboards and mice use Bluetooth. Different frequencies and protocol.

My internet had slowed to a crawl. . Then, my Logitech mouse stopped working. Replaced it with a wired optical mouse. Internet immediately sped up. Response time, on average, has been cut 50 to 75%.

Actually he might be right. I just bought an wireless mouse and whenever I plug in the wireless dongle, ups… there goes the internet (in mine, and in my girlfriend’s laptop)… So to all of you talking about the impossibility of it, and the wideness of the band, bla bla bla, you’r the ones that are wrong!!

No they don`t effect the wifi connections.They don`t use in the internet to connect to your pc but through bluetooth system.Two things totally different.

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