Why are people against American soldiers fighting over seas?

All I here is, “Bring our troops home.” In case these people didn’t know, they are a soldier, its their job to do what the Government tells them. You don’t sign up to never potentially go to war.

Is it wrong to help other countries get out of the clinch with dictators? Or should we just sit…

I totally understand, but for some reason people think American lives are worth more than foreign lives.
For instance, most Americans consider the war in Iraq to be a waste of American lives. For every soldier who died, there are now 3,600 free Iraqis. Only a total piece of crap wouldnt die to free 3,600 people, but most of us just dont give a crap about anybody but ourselves and what the government can do for us, not for anybody else. They dont seem to understand that these 3,600 newly freed people will be an new economy for us to trade with, they just do not care about anybody outside this country.
Just look at Lybia, 1/3 of us (Americans) do not think we should stop the killing and free the Lybian people, and virtually no lives will be lost. They would rather we let our planes fly excersises in peacetime than use those very same flight hours and weapons to free the oppressed.
What people dont understand is that the last 6000 Americans to die, freed more people than a third of the entire country. They still do not care, but if someone invaded us, they would expect millions to sacrifice themselves to protect us. That is literally thousands of times more people.
For instance, in WWII, the Japanese attacked us, killed 3000 people, and so we invaded half the world and lost 450,000 American men. We gained a handful of Island back, and freed France, and all because we wanted to completely wipe out the people who killed a pretty small number of us by comparison.
If someone kills the same number of foreigners, it barely makes the news, let alone gets a military response.
People really need to get their heads out of their rears and realize that freeing people is the right thing to do, and it can only make things better. Ignoring genocide is only going to hurt everyone, and hurt our pocketbooks as well. Just letting people be killed is plain stupid, and benefits nobody but the arms dealers.

Here is the deal, I am 100% military when it is to defend the United States and our allies. What I am against is a group of people (democrats/President, etc) cursing the ground GWB walks on and then turning around and doing the same thing. Libya has had this dictator for YEARS! Why bomb them now. If he goes then who takes over. Sometimes it is better to have the “devil” you know rather than they one you may end up with. Let’s see Obama and the democrats weasel themselves out of this mess when it comes election time. If we are going to fight then fight to win. Some people can’t take it when there are civilian casualties but if you want to win you MUST win at all cost. They tie our military’s hands and more of them get killed trying not to kill when they should just WIN!

They’re not against soldiers fighting, they’re against soldiers fighting for a bad cause. They disagree with the purpose of the war. It’s perfectly reasonable to think that.

The most patriotic thing you can do is keep American soldiers from dying in vain.

Those people are nuts. they dont realize that if we dont go over there they come over here…would these people prefer that we have our troops over there or they have a bus exploding in a major city every month?

Becuase our soldiers are dying everyday for wars that are none of our business.

no, and according to spider-man’s uncle “with great power comes great responsibility”

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