Should I buy a car right now?

I’m currently a college freshman and I have a 2001 toyota corolla with 207k mi on it. It’s also in pretty bad shape physically but it runs well and I have had it for a year and it hasn’t given me a problem.

Lately I’ve been thinking that I need a new soon. I give my car another year and a half…

If there is no public commuter, a car is worthy for you for easy n timely commute and also give u peace of mind. But financing an used car from dealer will simply drag you out of your monthly budget and you have traded your peace of mind with car. Example : pay off car loan by instalement every month, repair,maintanance, gas and miscellaneous expenses. I have the experiences for my son who just finished university.
My suggestions, if you do finance, buy a new car from dealer and enjoy your commute with peace of mind. If you buy an used car, buy it on full payment. Or buy it from individual. So it will reduce your other burden and have piece your ming

What you have got to ask your self is; what is that this going to rate you ultimately? You are watching at a $2400 fix for a good auto with best eighty,000 and relativly more recent mannequin. after it’s performed it’ll quite often be exceptional and pushed with out disorders for a whilst until you’re discovering extra to be improper. even though you offered it as is, you would get at so much $2000 for the auto. so if you’re taking the 2400 and 2000 you’ve gotten 4400 to spend on a brand new used auto. A $4400 auto isn’t the finest on this planet. you’re watching at purchasing a older mannequin, ninety eight or older, with better mileage. as that stands, you’re watching at disorders even faster once more together with your new used auto, and thus going to have got to spend more cash solving that, considering that you’ll on no account purchase a used auto with no need to repair some thing. So, i could say repair the auto to your 2400, and be performed with repayments. That is the satisfactory factor, not more repayments. so, relying on what your per thirty days fee used to be, you would nonetheless be saving more cash by means of repairing it. ask your self how a lot have you ever stored for the reason that the repayments have been completed, does it outweigh what the upkeep will likely be? simply what i believe will have to be performed.

i dont know where u live but im currently in the market for a vehicle also, and heres what i found out today after driving around..

the vehicle i want, from a private seller ranges from 1500 to 2,000 dollars… the used car lots i drove by today easily wanted 4500 to 5,000 dollars for the same vehicle.

HOWEVER!!!!!!! there are a few things to consider, like will the vehicle need tires? breaks? etc?

(most expensive option but) alot of Dealerships also have a used car dealer right next to them, alot of these places will put on new tires, brakes, tune up, oil change, etc and fix any known problems before they sell them, which makes them one up better.

(usually cheaper than a dealership) most places for example “daves used cars” that are not an actual dealership, just a dealer, these places usually do not put on stuff like new tires, etc, they will usually only fix the things they have to so the car will sell.

(cheapest) and a private seller doesnt have to do any of this if they dont wanna.

i bring all this up because the suv im looking at buying tomorrow will be for 1700 dollars, the same year models i seen in town at a used car lot where in the 3 to 5,000 dollar range,,, but i seen a guy selling a same model suv, but several years newer for only 4,000 (private)….so in this instance, u could spend more for the newer model, and spend less than buying an older one at a car lot. i just dont have the 4,000 bucks and i need a car now, so im stuck with the 1,700$ SUV but u can save money cause u have a car, i say save… compare…and buy the newest vehicle u can for the least amount of money

if that was confusing (it was a bit confusing to type) then consider this

ME (private seller) selling 95 corvette for 5,000$ with 50,000 miles on it

Daves used car lot would be selling the same 95 corvette for 10,000$ with 50,000 miles on it

but Bob (private seller) is selling his 2000 corvette for 8,000$ with 30,000 miles on it (this is the kind of vehicle u want to go for, in terms of money, age of car, versus the miles etc) sure it cost more, but its newer so its going to last longer but it was still cheaper than buying one from the car lot….

but its all up to you, i would see what a car lot has to offer, what all tehy do to vehicles etc


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