How come through most of history Christians believed Heaven was a physical place in the clouds?

That Christ floated up to and talked to, but now they don’t? Even Islam had their sily make-believe guy fly up into the clouds, right?

Because, like all religions, they had to either adapt or die. Once Mt. Olympus was scaled and no one discovered a city of gods up there, people stopped believing in Zeus, etc.

Christians saw that, and some eventually realized we’d reach space as well…which is why the claim of a “spiritual dimension” was invented.

Of course, a rational person might conclude that they never knew what they were talking about, and were making it up as they went along…

Not only did Jesus float up to the big heaven in the sky, but the tower of Babel was built to REACH god in the sky. And when god saw how close they were getting, he punished them for it.

Christians also used to believe their physical bodies actually went to heaven, as well. This whole spirit thing has cropped up since then, since science has proven that heaven’s not up in the clouds…. just a bunch of airplanes..

For that same reason they thought the earth was flat and the sun revolved around the earth. For the same reason they believe in 4 basic humors and leeches. They didn’t have the scientific knowledge we do. No satelites, no telescopes – the sky was the furthest away place they could imagine. Like that saying – the skies the limit!

CB: there are earthly clouds and then there are the clouds of Heaven.

The “interpretation” of men has always misunderstood it; but the Apostle Paul went to Heaven when he was stoned to death, and he said there are “three Heavens”. In other places, the Bible distinguishes between the sky, outer space and “Heaven”.

You have to distinguish between the weak understanding of the human mind, from the revelation of God.

Heaven is God’s realm and as a result, religious. confident, i think interior the actual resurrection of Jesus Christ. purely earlier His ascension into heaven, Jesus back to His “former glory” (albeit Spirit), via fact heaven became additionally His realm earlier He got here to earth, and additionally via fact the actual human physique can’t “bounce” via itself. i do no longer have confidence that heaven has ‘actual’ measurement. God has no limits or barriers, so why could He stay able that has restraint of any style? i’m uncertain of ‘the place’ the spirit is going whilst one dies. i understand that each man or woman could stand earlier God on the day of Judgement and supply an account of their existence, besides the undeniable fact that, whilst that day occurs, is unknown.

Hmmmm? I’m a Christian – I don’t believe that heaven is a physical place in the clouds – –

It is hard from someone to comprehend exactly where “Heaven” really is. The best possible explanation would to be someplace higher than the world we live in, and the sky is above us. You do the math. ^_^

So true, and it is called cloud 9 !!!

artistic conceptualism by artists through out the centuries

i guess for the same reason so many atheists spend so much time in R&S….i can’t figure it out. let me know when you do.

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