Can a Store charge civil demand for items that were stolen but returned?

Okay, so if someone shoplifts clothing and the store apprehends them and takes all the items back, are they allowed to charge the offender the value of all the items stolen? Even if the police have been called and the offender already received a ticket? It just seems to me that it’s not legal to charge them for…

Yes they can, the goods are usually logged in and NOT put back on the floor, so should the donkey thief decide to argue their point in court, the store can produce ALL the items the thief took.

I find it almost amusing that you being the THIEF have the balls to rant on about legalities when you stole in the 1st place.

Totally legal, if you fail to pay the civil demand this WILL be mentioned at the time of your criminal case…………….

The laws on stores being able to charge shop lifters a fee says only that a theft occurred. They do not exempt the recovery or return of the stolen merchandise. Once it is stolen, they are entitled to the fee the law allows.

I would certainly charge for every item stolen, and then expect every item returned as well. Otherwise, all of the burden that accompanies theft falls squarely on the business itself. It should get a little sugar for its trouble.

Of course, that’s just my opinion. The law is probably a bit different everywhere!

Most states have a law that allows the store to charge up to $250 for any expenses related to the capture and prosecution of shop lifters.

They can try and you can refuse. They will tell you that they are doing it in exchange for them not pressing charges. So tell them to go ahead and press changes since you already have the ticket.

yes they can.

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