Will all major league baseball teams see way less attendance this season because of this economy being bad?

I’d say that will be a big reason why. Unless they become less greedy and decide to cut ticket prices really low to make sure that their stadiums will have full capacity instead of a lot of empty seats. Especially when it comes to the seats closer to the field. Maybe the nose bleed sections will see more action. lol Sometimes it’s not only ticket prices but, parking, concessions as well that play a part in that as well. take care.

Very true. I can’t say I like the Brewers manager Ken Macha a whole lot, he seems bored most of the time. But it isn’t all his fault, GM Doug Melvin should have pursued the immediate needs of the Brewers before the season began. Maybe that has to do with the owner Mark Anastasio too and money. But a manager can only work so far with the members of his team. I still want to see more fire from a manager though. A manager that appears to be in the game 100%,

for the first time in many years the Cardinals will not have 3,000,000 tickets sold by opening day. I expect attendance to be down everywhere except possably New York because of the two new stadiums. But, if people do not have money. They can’t go to games even if there is a new stadium.

Overall, attendance will be down but some teams always sell out so they won’t be affected. The Marlins will probably have to start giving away free beer to keep their attendance over 10000.

The marlins might take a hit. As great as their fan base is the economy in South Florida is really bad. I dont think we’ll see the usual sellouts at Dolphins Stadium like we are used to seeing.

Attendance will go up because of all of the people that wont wanna be out trying to find a job

Baseball will definatlly see a big drop this year. With the prices of gas, parking, admission, food, souvineirs, etc..I think im going to like 1-3 this year thats it

I’d say if the recession gets bad enough it will affect all Pro Sports, including Baseball.

Yes, look for a big drop in attendance this year. We are in a depression, although many people don’t like to say that word.

No attendance will be up because people don’t need to go to work

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