Why was obama apologizing to the Germans?

In our 232 years as a nation whats the worst thing we have done well you might say slavery well Britain had slaves and we fought a civil war to end it and more soldiers died in the civil war then all our wars put together except Vietnam and Korea
next you may say woman’s rights woman got the right to vote…

Democrates apologize to everyone, even native americans. OH, I’m sorry we kicked your butts when you killed so many people and took over countries, etc” It is a pathetic way of covering your guilt over winning, and if the democrates gain the white house, he will apologize to the communists, to fidel castro, to Britain for the american revolution, to north viet nam for our war(Which we lost) , and so on. Perhaps I am a little bitter that a leader can’t be real and accept the fact that sometimes we have to say to other countries,”Shut up”Actually, we didn’t save the germans, at least the nazi’s, we totally destroyed their country and economy. Then as in Japan, rebuilt them and set them free.

The spin: that’s a results of an Immigration equipment long gone awry and might by no potential have befell had his mom no longer been deported. those crimes would have been avoided via an hassle-free removing of our immigration rules. And, that’s a main occasion of ways our immigration technique can actually reason a psychological breakdown.

Britain outlawed slavery long before the US.
“Americans” fought a civil war to abolish slavery.

There wouldn’t be an America if it wasn’t for the French.

“we let blacks vote right after we freed them ”

First of all, rights and freedom were never yours to take away. Sorry I don’t kiss your a** for letting me vote.

You said “we let blacks vote right after we freed them”

Do you know there was a hundred year gap between the two? ever heard of the civil rights movement?

We did not save the Germans asses in those wars , the Germans were the enemy, we defeated them.
The fact is, we should have minded our own business in WW 1, and let the Krauts win that one. If the Kaisers were still in power, there would be no nazis and no world war 2, and Yugoslavia would still be under the control of the Austrians.
It is about time we apologised to Germany for making that mistake.

Ahah, birds of a feather flock together.

Obama NEVER apologized. You are distorting his motives. I am not surprised since McCain does the same thing. That is probably why you like him so much. Even Republican Senator Hagel said that John McCain is irresponsible when he lies about Obama.


Your side needs to start being honest w/americans.

Man how can you get through life with that warp sense of understanding, first he apologized to no one 2nd you need to use that computer to do a lot more research on our history.

Those people who can not seem to admit to making mistakes are psychotic -like some crazy republican in the news recently.

because like he said, he wants everyone to like him and he doesn’t want to come across as the bad guy

Inspiring Author…you said it best!!

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