Why was John Kerry not convicted for treason and removed from elected office?

Back then, he held talks with North-Vietnamese government representatives WITHOUT the permission or a mandate of the federal government. According to the statutes and laws, this constitutes high treason and sKerry (aka Jon Carry) should have been indicted for treason.

I don’t know, lack of evidence maybe?

undesirable dude. per chance it isn’t any longer time for expenditures—extra like “it is okay Johnnie, time to bypass homestead and enjoy making bubbles and characteristic some ice cream.” He actually is previous his best–can not tell buddy from foe anymore in his body of thoughts. i imagine i ought to bypass for the community American lengthy walk. In his situation. Too previous and witless.

Shheesh! Give it up, dude. The same reason why George W. Bush wasn’t tried and covicted for desertion. People in those socio-economic strati don’t have to follow the same set of rules that are there for the rest of us. But even then, you have to look at the fact that he wasn’t representing the federal government. Now, if Nixon went over there and held secret talks that might be a different issue, since he was pres for part of the war.

John Kerry served with honor, Live this one alone. He did what he thought was right, at the time he did it.

Same reason the Clintons were not jailed for their crimes when Porno Bill was in office.

Back when? Talks about what? What are you talking about?

I don’t think you know what was said.
The Government didn’t seem to think whatever he told them was relevant, neither should you.

he can talk to anyone he wants he isn’t making any changes or anything like that he just talking

Do you ask for permission to speak?

You should.

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