Why do we fear death?

Ok, this is a morbid subject!! lol

I realise those fear death because they feel they haven’t done enough in their lives or feel they may be punished after death. Also it is the unknown, and could also be the possible pain that is associated with it.

I don’t feel it is a thing to be scared of – my…

because you never know what happens after death

fear of the unknown….

it is a complete fear of the unknown, because even though my beliefs as a Christian dictate that i KNOW where i am going once i die, i still have a fear of the unknown because i’ve never been!

What is death like, what is dying like, will it hurt when i die, will i suffer with my last couple of breaths, will my loved ones be okay without me, will i die alone, will i die an invalid…i think that these are all reasonable things to think about. And not only if you were older but what about a younger person. I have a 4 year old son who’s father doesn’t care about him….what will become of my son. Will he be okay with my passing. Will i truly be able to watch over him as he grows.

Its kind of like when i went into the Navy. I knew that i had to go to boot camp and i was TERRIFIED to go. But honestly, it really wasn’t that bad. It was just that i had never done anything like it in my life before.

Also i think the whole concept of eternity is quite overwhelming. I mean i’m only 28 and i am the type of person that i feel no matter what age a person is they are not limited and one can always try new things! So if i live to be 100, i still have 72 more years to go….now that may be quite a way off, but i know that it is finite. Its kind of like being in calculus and dealing with the “number” infinity. Its a tough concept to wrap a feeble human brain around.

I think there are many reasons why people fear death, other than just religious purposes, and hopefully you won’t get attacked for your beliefs!

The younger we are the the less we understand and therefore fear what we dont understand.
The older we get and the more we understand the less we fear.

This holds true for everything around us.

death is an Inevitability.

During our life we are used to being in control of what we do and where we go, etc; – inevitability is another way of saying there is no control – having no control is what what humans fear most – not death.

Pain is never present at death – I wached as a friend died and was relieved that she showed no pain only peace and relieve, which is not what I felt – I felt the pain – so I guess we also fear ‘feeling’ the pain that we think the person dying is feeling.

I agree with you. We don’t die, we move on. From one life to the next. The reason we fear it is because we don’t understand it. People who are in touch with the spirit world tend not th fear death because they know there is nothing on the other side to be afraid of (i.e. punishment)

But those of us who have no personal evidence of the afterlife, or who think there will be punishment waiting for us on the other side, can not know what to expect and so fear death either as the end or as the beginning of the end (Hell etc).

Other than that the obvious answer is that none (or not many) of us want to experience the pain that may or may not come with death (dying of a terminal disease, for example, causes us much suffering before we pass) or we are not ready to leave behind loved ones.

On the same note I think the average person fears losing their loved ones more than they do dying themselves. If only we could all see that death is not the end and we will meet up with our families again in the next life.

I’m not a Spiritualist weirdo, this is just how I see things happening. And if there is a God, I don’t think He wishes to punish us when we pass on. If God is all that is good he would want us to learn from our life experiences.

Personally my greatest fear of death is that I will find out I’m wrong about what happens and wn;t get to see my loved ones again! What if death is The End? Scary!

We fear death because we’re afraid of the unknown, leaving behind the world that we’ve grown accustomed to and feel safe in. For many people it’s not the end but rather the beginning, though as yet there’s no definite proof an afterlife really exists. All we can do is make the best of our time on this earth, but when death does come move forward in our journey without fear.

Because you haven’t accepted it. When you accept death as an inevitability, there is nothing to be scared of. Like breathing or eating, death is simply another function we perform as beings.

If you’re still scared, then think why. Usually it’s because you feel like in life you don’t have enough time to do what you want. Therefore, take the saying ‘Don’t take life seriously, you never get out alive.’

I actually don’t fear death.

I avoid it because I feel some sense of responsibility in my life. Your question doesn’t require exploring where that sense comes from, suffice it to say that there are people who depend on me to varying degrees. My current clients, my wife, my extended family and friends, I’m a part of their lives. I have responsibilities to selected community groups. I’m not exagerrating my importance here, but it’s true that I would be missed, or at least my sudden absence would inconvenience a number of people.

However, death pretty much stamps all of those responsibilities “Paid in full” as far as they apply to the individual, so there’s nothing really to fear about that from a strictly personal view.

Lest anyone think that the above would absolve suicide, suicide doesn’t mark your personal responsibilities “paid”, it marks them “bankrupt”.

Fear of the unknown.
There should be no fear, it is natural, it is part of life, without life has no meaning.

I’ll be reincarnated again so it doesn’t bother me, it is just hard work ensuring that your new incarnation remembers this time around.

I have no fear of death or the unknown, it’s just a journey I have travelled before that I don’t remember right now, when I set off again I’m sure I’ll remember.

I`m in my 70`s and I think we fear leaving behind those we love and have treasured all their lives (Our children). Also it`s a step into the unknown. I have my beliefs but no one is guaranteed 100%. I just wish my husband and I could take that step to-gether, but that rarely happens, so one of us must leave the other alone. No I`m not afraid of the moment of death but I would rather not suffer to get there….Hope that helps.

People develop a strong sense of a belonging to other humans and to our way of life in general. We tend to think we may not be able to exist without all that is offered to us here on earth. So with this strong sense of connection, I feel a fear of death, due in fact, that I will not be able to see and do everything that I’ve been experiencing here on earth. I believe it’s a natural feeling and with most people, is probably one of the main reasons for people actually fearing death.

Many reasons I think, but many fear the unknown. That’s why we need to have Faith and Hope. I used to feel extremely sad at the thought that inevitably we all have to die, and what happen after…nothing? As a child and in my youth, I did fear the eventuality of death, but as I grew older, things appear different to me, and I live each day to cherish everything I’ve got, and remembering to thank God for his grace.

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